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GE 1000 Watt 1.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven JVM1653SH

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Microwave works good... but...


This GE Over the range microwave JVM1653SH01 was fairly easy to install.  I have odd shaped cabinets, but it went in without any issues... just heavy.  Make sure you have at least 2 people to install it. As far as the microwave and it's features, it works great.  Heats food very quickly with minimal use of buttons.  It offers "Express Cook" which has one button choices for cooking foods 1 minute to 6 minutes by simply pressing that particular button on the key pad.  There is also a button to add 30 seconds to your cook time while it's running. Of course, there is also the Defrost and variable settings that work fine as per standard microwave functions. **One Major Annoyance though:** I live in South Florida and our electric is not very reliable.  It will go out for a moment, several times weekly or even a few times in one day.  The result is needing to reset the TIME on all electronic devices.  In this microwave, you are required to enter in the DATE and TIME before it will allow you to use the microwave.  While this may sound trivial, having to reset the date and time several hundred times (probably into the thousands) can make you fairly irritable.   I called GE and requested a way to avoid this unnecessary annoyance and asked if they planned to remove this requirement on future models.  The representative said they had no plans on removing this "Feature" and added "There is no way to avoid having to enter both Date and Time after an electrical outage". If you find unnecessary steps frustrating, I suggest avoiding this manufacturer and asking about it on others.

Fort Pierce, FL


GE 1000 Watt 1.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven JVM1653SH

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