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GE 1000 Watt 1.2 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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GE Microwave oven does it all!


We got this item as a gift from our wedding, and I was a bit overwhelmed by all it does. I still haven't quite used all the functions on this microwave, it bakes, defrosts, browns, and grills. I have only used it as an actual microwave. We have had this microwave for over five years now and I love it, popcorn turns out wonderful, and it has two different settings depending on what size you popping, they have the typical 3.5 ounce bag size as well as the new smaller bag that is 3 ounces. The pop corn always turns out perfectly popped with out any burned pieces. This microwave is a bit bigger then your average microwaves, but I think asthetically it is very pleasing to the eye, matches all stainless steal kitchen equipment if you have that in your kitchen and it doesn't clash with the regular white. Make sure you have ample kitchen counter to put this on. Oh and defrosting the last minute? Not a problem with this microwave you can easily do that, pick automatic or by how many pounds the item you are defrosting is and let it go, it lets you know when to flip the meat or what ever and works wonders! Great for a pinch!

Dayton, OR


an average microwave oven, nothing spectacular


We have had this microwave for a few years now and I wouldn't give it a negative review, but its definitely not my favorite microwave oven. It has a lot of cool features but honestly we never use any of them except for the regular microwave. That means that I have to store the extra pieces that are required to grill or broil in the microwave and in my small kitchen, they just get in the way. There are no number buttons, one knob used for scrolling. The lowest time is pre-set to 30 seconds and then you can scroll down to a lower number. Not the easiest to work without consulting the manual and beeps at you when you make a mistake. Also keeps beeping when the food is done, which is really annoying.  I find the silver inside to be harder to clean that other microwaves and with the extra features there are just that many more places for food to hide. I do like the preset plate time, it reheats my leftovers the best. I don't hate the microwave, but I also would not recommend it.  I am looking forward to the day when this one doesn't work anymore and I can get a 'normal' microwave oven.

Edmond, OK


GE 1000 Watt 1.2 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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