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G.M. COLLIN Derm Renewal Gel

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G.M. Collins is a highly respected brand that is being used more and more in Spas, salons and Medispas. Highly trained Estheticians seem to know which products are superior, even more so than dermatologists, I'm finding out. Lately I've fallen in love with facials, and have been "spa hopping". I've see G.M. Collins brands popping up more and more.. I bought this Renewl Gel after my most recent facial. I had a couple of small acne spots, nothing major. My skin is prone to redness, and occasional breakouts, during stress. They encouraged this product to me after my facial (which I generally don't like when they push products on me), but the Esthetician had such beautiful skin, I decided to go out on a limb. I'm so glad I did. This gel is calming, great for acne (works quickly), great for sensitive skin and quickly reduced my mild redness. Smells great too. I bought up a bunch of GM Collins after this! Convenience This product isn't available everywhere. Will most likely have to purchase it in a salon or online. Side Effects None noted



An answer to my prayers


Collin G.M. Gel Derm Renewal Gel was orginally recommended to my child for the skin around thier eyebrows after waxing. It was to calm the skin down as well as prevent the pores to be open and susceptable to airborn germs that might cause breakouts. After using it as recommended, we decided to also try it for regular pimple breakouts. What a prooduct! At the first sign or feel of a pimple, everyone in our house will apply Colin Gel Derm Renewal Gel to the affected area and by morning any sign of a pimple is reduced by at least 50%. As the parent of two young adults, it is tragic when a pimple is to erupt. Discouraging from picking at it goes to no avail. Using the get makes the fight a little less painful and the trauma of a pimple way less noticable. The price of this product is kind of pricey but you use such a small amount of it that it seems like it will last forever. If you are like me, as a mom we want to make life as painless as possible for our children and we all know that those nasty breakouts occur right before pictures, prom or any other important date. Collin Gerl Derm Renewal Gel helps us all get through it.

Chicago, IL


G.M. COLLIN Derm Renewal Gel

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