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G E GE Profile Spacemaker OTR Microwave

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GE Profile Microwaves Are Innovative!


Our GE Profile Spacemaker Microwave is a gem. GE, in my opinion, has consistently made long-lasting and innovative products as far back as I can remember. The majority of our major appliances in our kitchen and laundry room are GE Profiles. The warranty on this product is also quite good and forgiving. The features that I most appreciate in this model are 'one-touch' whereby I can pop popcorn bags with various size choices, "bake" potatoes based on weight, and defrost many items with a 'no brainer' menu. It has the ability to 'sense' when foods are re-heated thoroughly and ready to serve. To save space in your kitchen is a blessing, but to have a unit with all the necessary features for day-to-day cooking is a blessing. I am currently unemployed, but I can imagine that if someone were busy working a full-time schedule and having to care for family as well, this unit would be greatly appreciated. GE products should be a staple in anyone's home.

Vineland, NJ


GE Profile Spacemaker OTR Microwave XL1800


Let me start off by first stating that the GE Profile appliances in our kitchen were already installed in our kitchen when we bought this house. That way you know that we had no choice in selecting what we would have installed in our kitchen and cannot comment on how good of a deal it was after purchase. In saying that, I will say that my family is pleased with this microwave. We have had issues with other appliances made by GE, but not this particular item. Our microwave is installed above our oven. It looks great. The color is bright, shiny white. It is not accented with any other color. The buttons are push type buttons, flat. The writing on the buttons is a really nice shade of grey. The writing is of normal size. The words and numbers are easy to read. It was designed very well. The microwave cleans up very easily. There is a microwave tray and a glass, rotating dish that is stored inside. The rotating dish rests upon a rubber circular ring that can rotate. All itmes can be removed with ease. We have only used regular dish soap and hot water to clean them with. I've never tried placing any of the pieces in the dishwasher. It would probably be just as easy to wipe clean after each use. This particular style of oven has percentages that you can program while cooking your food. I really appreciate how easy it is to operate, as I do use this function quite frequently when I cook. Another nice function is the popcorn button. How any household could do without this is hard for me to believe. Our popcorn has always come out perfect. We have never had burnt popcorn. We have always had very few unpopped popcorn kernels left in the bottom of the bag. However, I must be honest in saying that those smaller bags of popcorn need to be monitored. After all, those bags cannot realistically pop for that long of a time without burning. Just follow the directions, and don't blame the microwave. We love the defrost button on our microwave. It helps out a lot when we are planning on using frozen meats, especially hamburger. The meat thaws evenly and consistently. The tray that supports the thawing plate turns at a consistent rate when the microwave begins thawing. If the thawing is interrupted, it stops turning. Be careful when you try and thaw wide cuts of meat, or large rolls of hamburger. We realized this the hard way when we were thawing out one of those King Soopers five pound rolls of hamburger. Althought the meat easily fit in the oven and on the plate, It ran into problems during the turning cycle. We did not realize what was going on until the thawing time had ended. When we opened the microwave's door we saw our hamburger meat unattractively smashed on the side of the microwave wall. It was really gross! So, be sure and check the diameter of your meat to ensure this does not happen to you. The microwave also has an interrupt button that is helpful if you need to end your cooking or defrotsing time. You can either push the button and the microwave will immediately stop, or you can just open the door. The microwave will not return to its cooking or defrosting setting until you begin the process again. I will say that our biggest complaint with this microwave is the noise level. We have an open floor plan. Our kitchen is pretty close to the living area. When we use the microwave, the noise level is pretty loud. It is especially annoying when we are thawing our something. We always have to adjust the tv's volume when we are using and even after using the microwave. I wish that GE would have thought about this when designing this microwave. Unless your kitchen is separate from you home, you will encounter a high level of noise. Oddly enough, the beeping noise that occurs when the microwave is finished with its cycle is very normal. I would descibe the noise as a 3 second beep. The beeping will continue until you hit the clear button or you can open the microwave's door. I like that feature because I sometimes forget that I 've placed something in the microwave. The continual beeping is an appreciated reminder. During daylight saving time, we tried out the clock button. It was easy to set the time. Pretty standard. All in all, this microwave is great.

Castle Rock, CO


G E GE Profile Spacemaker OTR Microwave

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