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Fuze - Healthy Infuzions refresh peach mango

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Another Formerly Good Drink Sneaks in Sucralose


I love this drink, and I've been drinking it for years. Lately I noticed it started tasting different. I was disappointed to find out that like many other drinks, sucralose had been added to this one to supplement the reduced sugar content. It gives the drink a funny aftertaste, and doesn't make you feel so great. (Synthetic sugars are not known to improve your health and can have negative side effects). There are already zero calorie drinks that contain synthetic sugars, why can't companies leave non-diet drinks like this one alone?




Fresh fruit in a bottle!


This product is amazing! I wish all healthy drinks tasted so good. It tastes like a fresh peach, which I think is the flavor you can taste more strongly. And with all the vitamins what do you have to lose? I drink one every morning. Definitely try this product. You won't regret it!


Newnan, GA


Sugar Doesn't Have To Over Power Flavor


I find that Fuze beverages are not as icky sweet as other brands of similar products. It goes well with food because with Fuze, sugar is not the dominant after taste like it is with other similar drinks. I can actually taste each subtle essence of every ingredient in Fuze beverages. They are healthy too. Why drink anything that is going to have you walking away with only a memory of overbearing sugary sweetness? With Fuze, you get a perfect balance of subtle flavors sweetened just enough to enhance but not cancel out other delicious flavors.


Paia, HI


One of my Favorites


If you are looking for something fast and healthy to drink when you are on the go, get this. I do, I am such a busy person and can get fuse about anywhere I go. The flavors are amazing and it is at a good cost, kids love it too.


Philadelphia, PA


think of it as 100 cal. snack pack ~ with nutritional value :)


This is my latest addiction!!!  They not only taste great, but they are good for you!!!  There are a few that I love ( peach mango - banana coloda - strawberry banana -  and strawberry guava)that are a little higher in calories/sugar, but if you don't drink 10 a day I think the nutritional value will balance out.  My favorite is the raspberry/cranberry. It has only 5 calories per serving and is loaded with vitamins and minerals!!!  Not to mention that it tastes great!!!  We all can't always eat right ~ these are a convenient way to sneak in some nutrition!!  Since I have given up my last addiction of diet coke, Fuze is all I buy!!  Coke shouldn't be too dissapointed though, as they have recently bought out Fuze  :)  


Monroe, MI


super smooth - healthy and delicious


Working a technical job can really drain your energy and vitality.  Big Time. This drink supplies me with the energy I need to exercise after a mentally exhausting day at a desk at work or a week full of travel, hotels, long meetings and restaurant food.  It provides electrolytes and yet has this really gorgeous taste, unlike some other electrolyte replacement beverages.  You do need to watch how many you consume in a week however, due to the amount of calories it contains.  There are two servings in each bottle for a total of 200 calories so you don't want to drink this without exercising to balance the extra calories.  Having said that, it's *perfect* to  add to your day so that you will *have* the energy and motivation to exercise!  Keep in mind, every time you drink one of these, you are *not* drinking a diet soda or a heavy latte, right?  And you aren't drinking something that will* zap* your energy, but rather will enhance your health and *give* you energy.  Enjoy!     


Seymour, CT


Fuze - Healthy Infuzions refresh peach mango

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