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Fuze - Healthy Infuzions Slenderize

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Tastes great but contains artificial sweetner


I tried a sample in the supermarket and was suprised at how good it tasted with only 10 calories and has added vitamens. I always try to avoid any artificial sweeteners and unfortunately did not read the lable properly. After buying the product, I found it contained sucralose (I guess I thought I had read sucrose). According to what I have read online, sucralose is made when sugar is treated with trityl chloride, acetic anhydride, hydrogen chlorine, thionyl chloride, and methanol in the presence of dimethylformamide, 4-methylmorpholine, toluene, methyl isobutyl ketone, acetic acid, benzyltriethlyammonium chloride, and sodium methoxide, making it unlike anything found in nature. The list of potential side affects and health risks should be of concern. Please take the time to do a little online research on any artificial sweetener before allowing yourself or your children to eat or drink any product that contains them!

Fort Myers, FL


An alternative to Plain Water


Fuze is a great alternative to plain water. I found myself drinking this after hearing the raves a few of my friends had about the product. With a variety of flavors you won't get bored with these drinks. Reach for a Fuze instead of a calorie packed soda.

Richmond, MO


fuzes are great tasting with little calories


They are great tasting and so much fun to collect the bottles. I really enjoy all of the different designs that come with the fuze. They have such few calories that even if you are on a diet you would be able to have as many as you want.

Weyerhaeuser, WI


Fuze - Healthy Infuzions Slenderize

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