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Futurebiotics Vital 3

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Getting rid of joint pain in only 6 weeks!


Future Biotics has come out with a new and amazing products called Vital 3. They have had radio ads about this in the New York area and also have started to promote this in a few magazines around the country, but it still isnt that well known.  Vital 3 is a liquid formula that helps aleviate morning stiffness and joint discomfort. It's called Vital 3 because you only need to take 3 drops a day before breakfast in a glass of water or juice to help get rid of those aches and pains.  It's odorless and tasteless when you put it into a liquid. I have tasted it myself just by dropping it on my tounge and it has a little bit of a vinegar like taste to it which is from the Acetic Acid that helps preserve the main part of the product. That main part of the product is Type 2 Collagen and it's exctracted from Chicken Sternums. I was very skeptical at first when I got my first bottle of this. 3 drops a day just seemed too simple, but they said they had scientific information backing it up so I took their word for it and bought a bottle.  It's a 6 week supply and you are guaranteed to have results in that time. Almost overnight I noticed a difference! I had spent a day lifting weights and running at the gym and felt some aches and pains in my joints from all the work and I took the Vital 3 the next morning. It seemed like I hadn't even worked out at all! I was amazed by what this had done for me. I went and bought myself another bottle which I gave to my father who has had back pain for most of his life.  He started to take it and now he doesn't have any pain in his back at all. Our family loves this product and we hope that others will find as much success as we have.  Give this product a try and its great because you can go through 2 whole bottles of this stuff and they will still refund you your money if it doesn't work out for you.

Hallandale, FL


Futurebiotics Vital 3

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