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Fusion Beauty
Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL

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the best lip plumper of all!


I *love* my lip fusionXL, it provides the absolute best in lip-plumping and I have tried many products. I actually use mine during the day, although occasionally at night. If I use it once a day my lips are INCREDIBLY full. Once it wears off, my lips still are full, soft, and supple. The plumping benefits last me at least a day and sometimes into the next day. it has marine coligen and hyalronic acid that sets it apart from most cinnamon and spicy lipglosses this actually has ingredients that actually build your natural collegen for lasting results that is way worth it...I am so satisfied with this product, I will never buy another lip plumping product again!! Even though this product is expensive, it has lasted me several months and I still have some left (granted, sometimes I don't use it religiously). I will definately repurchase in the future. I love my lipfusion; it does what it claims!!!!

Fresno, CA


Fusion Beauty Lipfusion XL is the best lip plumper!


Fusion Beauty Lipfusion XL is the best lip plumper!  This makes my lips feel smooth and plumped.  On application, my lips look glossy, plump, and the best part is there is no burning sensation like many other 'lip plumpers' on the market.  This is the most effective lip plumper while at the same time the most gentle.  It is expensive, but there are no other lip plumpers out there like it.  Other lip plumpers that I have tried have left redness and burning around my lips, which does not make me feel beautiful.  Fusion Beauty Lipfusion XL is a luxury for me that makes me feel beautiful and glamorous.  I hope they never discontinue this product because, as I said, there is nothing to replace it with.  The product recommends using it as night before bed, as well as in the morining.  I only use it when I am getting ready to go out, because I believe the result is temporary and using it at night is a waste of the product.

Apollo Beach, FL


Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL brings a sting of sexy, full shine!


I received a full size free sample of Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL by fanning their Facebook page.  I cannot recall where I saw this promotion, but I believe it was on one of the many freebie websites I frequent.  There are many!  I received this item a few weeks later in a cute silver tube.  I had just signed up for the promotion and didn't realize what it was.  I will tell you, its a super expensive version of DuWop Lip Venom.  It makes your lips shiny, puffs them out a bit to give them some fullness, and has a slight sting, more like a tingle actually.  I don't want you to think it hurts, because it feels kind of cool!  It goes on kind of rough, its got a glittery feel to it, a little gritty, but it looks beautiful.  It wears off quickly.  In essence, this is a decent alternative that works the same way as DuWop Lip Venom, which I am totally partial to!  It just dosen't go on as smooth or feel as good on the lips.

Rochester, NH


Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL

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