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Fusion Beauty
Fusion Beauty LipFusion Lip Plump

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I like the smell, the shine, but a little iffy on the plumping


This glossie smells and taste citrusy, which I like. The shine is very gleaming and reflective. When you put it on, you can definitely feel the tingle, but it goes away rather quickly. I am doubtful about the actual "plump". I didn't notice much of a difference. I think all lip plumpers don't really work anyways. Those glosses just makes your lips feel swollen and adds more shine so you think it is plumper, but it actually isn't. It is a special gloss, nonetheless.

San Francisco, CA


Love, love, love this stuff!


I've been using this for around a year and just love it! It is a bit pricey but it works. It plumps my lips some but even better it moisturizes them like nothing else! I have very dry lips and used to keep a tube of chap stick (or similar) by my bedside and would reapply it several times throughout the night. With LipFusion it lasts the entire night and I wake up with my lips nice and moist!

Mountville, PA


Fusion Beauty LipFusion Lip Plump

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