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Fusion Beauty
Fusion Beauty LashFusion XL Instant Volumizer Mascara

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LashFusion - Plush brush, dark black


Lash Fusion by Fusion Beauty has a very full very plush wand/brush. The first thing I look at when choosing a new mascara is the brush. It has to be very full. Lash Fusion fit the bill perfectly. I am not sure what the other reviewers disliked about it since they didn't actually say (???) but I found it to be a very good mascara. I have tried them all, trust me. I am a total mascara addict. If one exists, I have tried it. Lash Fusion has a very deep black color and a great consistency. It is very easy to build up a dramatic look in just a few swipes. It really works to plump up the lashes and make them look much fuller/add volume. My lashes are fairly long, but too thin, so I like to bulk them up and this mascara did that very well. I did not have any clumping, no smears, no runs, no raccoon eyes. As for the prolonged benefits - increased lash growth etc, I am still a little undecided on that. That doesn't bother me though because I was not looking for any long term effects/benefits - I was just looking for another good mascara. Lash Fusion is definitely a good mascara.

Strasburg, PA


Eyes have it.....not


I am a Mary Kay consultant and believe that I have to try everything in order to be honest with my customers. Was not impressed with this mascara, compared tot he Ultimate mascara in Mary Kay. But it was certainly worth a try.

Saint Paul, MN


Drugstore brands are better and cost less!


I absolutely love the Lip Fusion from Fusion so I thought I'd try the Lash Fusion.  What a waste of money.  I used it for about 30 days and it did nothing for my lashes.  Maybelline and Cover Girl mascaras are so much better and so much cheaper!

Mountville, PA


Fusion Beauty LashFusion XL Instant Volumizer Mascara

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