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Furniture of America
Furniture of America Matix 2-Drawer TV Stand


Offered in three warming colors, this TV stand provides plenty of utility and style. The three open shelves atop are perfect for electronics while the two additional drawers glide open easily upon metal glides while offering ample space for any extraneous wires or for safekeeping your treasured media collection.

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TV Stand


This is a sleek looking television stand that goes very well with our living room decor and furniture. It has a lip around the top portion to keep the television in place without worry. It also features three open compartments and two closed compartments behind doors. This is a great design and I love the look that it offers keeping our living room neat and tidy. We have placed our Blu-ray player, Xbox one and Wii in the three open compartments since they need direct line of sight for the infrared sensors to work properly. The television stand has built-in holes in the back of it to feed through all the necessary wiring without it looking cluttered or messy. We have used the closed door storage compartments for our extensive DVD and video game collection. Although it does not have the space to house all of our DVDs it does handle the overflow we have from the ones that do not fit on our DVD bookshelf anymore. It holds our fifty-five inch television nicely.




nice for a short tv stand


This is a nice, simple tv stand. There aren't a lot of frills with it, but it's still pretty functional. Probably my favorite thing about this stand is the edge at the top of the stand. This is so great because whatever you place on the top of the stand is going to stay there, it's not going to go rolling off, and it's not going to get knocked off the side from something else. I think this is a great idea and I wish all other shorter tv stands had that, the first one we had didn't have that and it would've been so great. The drawers are pretty sturdy, my little kids like to pull open the drawers, pull everything out, and then sitting in them. The drawers still work perfectly, and the bottoms don't seem to be bowing down. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the open shelf above the drawers. We can't really have anything on that because my kids will pull it off and take off with it. Anything we have there like a DVD player has to be pushed as far back as possible to keep them away from fingers. I would have preferred if this had been a cabinet with a door to keep them out.






The Furniture of America Matix two drawer TV Stand was a great addition to our TV room. We recently bought a big new tv and needed a stand that was big enough for it and matched it well. This was perfect! Beautiful color, classy, elegant and easy to set up. Very spacious and allows for better organization of movies, dvds, cd's whatever you have in your living/television room. We were able to put a lot away in the drawers and have everything looking more organized and appealing in no time at all. It is a beautiful piece of work and we would recommend it to anyone who is looking to add a little something extra to that specific room. It doesn't have to be for a television either. You could easily use it in your living room for decorations, magazines, photo albums, plants, just about anything. It looks like great quality and we believe it will be durable. We are very happy with this new addition to our home.


Minneapolis, MN


Furniture of America Matix 2-Drawer TV Stand

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