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Cat Brush
FurMinator deShedding Tool for Large Cats

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Love this!


Although my cat is a short hair she sheds like crazy! I feel like every surface of my home just has white and grey fur on it. I always have lint rollers around because I do not want to go to work covered in hair. I have to vacuum constantly. I am lucky and my cat LOVES being brushed. I have tried a few different brushes on my little girl but none of them really made a difference in her shedding. I saw the FurMinator online and decided to give it a try because it seemed a lot of people were saying good things about it. The first time I used it I was shocked by how much fur was coming off my cat. The other brushes I tried never got that much fur! Since I began using the FurMinator a few times a week the amount of shedding has gone down tremendously. Of course it is not completely gone but the improvement is awesome. I highly suggest purchasing one of these brushes. The price may seem a little high but it is worth it to get rid of some of the cat hair that seems to be everywhere! Quality of Ingredients This is a high quality brush that is very durable. Side Effects Not applicable for this product.




I love the idea, hate the mess and...my cat hates it!!


When I saw this comb advertised and it showed the cat with all the fur surrounding it that the comb removed, I thought "this is something I need to get for my cat's shedding problem". Well I bought it, after hesitating because it really wasn't a cheap item and my budget is pretty slim, and brought it home. The first time I tried to use it, I hardly got it combed through the length of my cat's back when fur was coming out in large amounts! I couldn't believe how much fur was being combed out. And it wasn't just coming out and staying on in the comb's teeth, it was coming out and flying all over the place. It was a fine light and airy fur from the undercoat that was being removed. Messy, messy, messy! Unfortunately neither could my cat! He wanted nothing to do with this comb...I'm not sure if it was painful or he just wanted no part of it. And the idea of the fur flying all over is nothing I really want to be a part of either. I rarely ever use it now, don't have the patience...




FurMinator deShedding Tool for Large Cats

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