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Funny Times

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Laughter is Good for You


I've been reading Funny Times for some time now - I value laughter and its ability to feed the soul. I've given this magazine as a gift numerous time and I think the best recommendation I can give is to tell you that the giftees usually go on to gift someone else with this subscription. Beyond that, these issues have legs. If you are unfortunate enough NOT to receive Funny Times, (as I was a few sparse times in my life), subscribers save these issues and pass them on. How many publications can say that about themselves?? Try Funny Times and laugh a little - or, more likely, a lot.

Oak Harbor, OH


A Once A Month Dose of Hilarity and Satire


The Funny Times is a monthly newspaper/magazine that features comics, funny articles and politcal and social commentary. The humor is definitely left-leaning, so conservatives might find themselves put-off, unless they have a good sense of humor. However, the magazine is consistently funny and always full of great cartoons and essays.

Woonsocket, RI


Funny Times

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