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Fuller Brush
Fuller Brush FBPT-2 Bagged Canister Pet Vacuum

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It cleans everything!


I clean more than ever now with this vacuum cleaner. It is so light, easy to use, and has an attachment for every possible need. It work just well on my carpets, wood floors, sisel rugs, curtains, lamp shades, etc. I've cleaned spiderwebs and dust from our crystal chandelier and was not afraid I would break any part of it. The attachments get all the cat and dog hair out of everything and out from everything. Extra long reach makes it possible to reach the light above the staircase without worryig if I am going to fall off te ladder and break my neck. I just wish it was easier to find te refill bags.

Austin, TX


For Wood floors and carpet this vacuum is GREAT!


After having an upright vacuum for years I was tired of it and it was time to get something new. We just replaced the carpet in our house with engineered wood floors in the main living areas and new berber carpet in the bedrooms. I wanted something that would easily go from the wood to the carpet and back with out a hassle. I did my research and thought I would not find anything out there that would fit the bill without paying an arm and leg like the Meile. I decided to try one last store that I thought specialized in all different brands of vacuums but only had a couple of brands. The owner showed me the Fuller vacuum and I was sold. The insides/guts are metal not plastic. You don't find that much anymore. When the power brush tool catches on something like a show lace, it immediately stops. It does not keep running and you don't get that burned smell and break a belt. All you have to do is undo the lace or what ever is caught and press the reset button and keep on vacuuming. It is easy to change to the bare floor head from the power tool. The canister moves easily around the room with you and the round "wheels" are made so they will not mare or scratch your wood floors. You can adjust the suction power also.Hooray for Fuller. I love this vacuum.

Orange, TX


Fuller Brush FBPT-2 Bagged Canister Pet Vacuum

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