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Fuller Brush
Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper Vacuum

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This Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper Vacuum is just okay. Yes, it does pick up some pieces of paper, lint, hair, et cetera from the carpet--after you roll it back and forth over them several times. It is obviously not going to be the most effective choice in vacuum cleaners, but I could really do the same job just by bending over and picking up the stuff that's on the carpet, most of the time. The only reasons I can see not to just do that is either because it doesn't require bending over to use the Fuller or because it doesn't look as professional (I do use this at my job, sometimes). It is a good option if you don't want to use a loud vacuum or if you have only a small storage space in which to stow it when it is not in use, but if you need to do any kind of satisfactory level of cleanup, you might as well forget this and get something else. Really nearly every higher-powered vacuum will be an improvement over this.



Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper Vacuum

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