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Full Throttle
Full Throttle Energy Drink

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The Best All-Around Energy Drink on the Market


Admittedly, I drink way too much of this and I realize it's not good for your health. However, when I started working 40+ hours a week and taking care of my kids, as well as keeping house and cooking dinner on the evenings I got home in time, Full Throttle became my go-to pick-me-up. Even more so than coffee, which is saying something for me. My flavor of choice is the Citrus. It isn't too sweet, and you can't outright taste the caffeine or taurine like you can in some energy drinks - it tastes more like regular soda, but not as sweet or heavily carbonated. It's smooth, and doesn't become completely disgusting if you leave it sit for a while and it gets a little warm and/or flat (which I do a lot because I'm constantly on the go). I buy them in the 6 packs (12 oz cans) and keep them handy in my fridge for when I need a quick energy boost. They don't make me feel nauseated or fidgety like some other energy drinks either, but I will throw the disclaimer out there that I have a pretty high caffeine tolerance, so Full Throttle may not be for everyone.




Full Throttle Energy Drink

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