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Full Circle
Full Circle Laid Back Dish Brush

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We recently gave away Full Circle Laid Back Dish Brushes for Monday Funday and now we want to know what you think about it! Share your Full Circle Dish Brush reviews with us and tell us your thoughts.


Chicago, IL


The Laid Back Dish Brush is easy on the wrists.


When I received  the brush i immediately put it to use washing dishes. I was great and didn't scratch and pots.Although I don like the convenience of the brush I already use, cause it holds the dish soap in the handle. This one held the soap in the bristles very well. It was easy to use, no elbow grease to scrub them clean. The handle is curved nice and it doesn't put any pressure on my wrists. This is a good brush and would recommend it to everyone.


streetsboro, OH


Dish brush does more than dishes


I thought this scrub brush was heavier than the normal brushes you would buy, but it is made of wood.  It scrubbed plates and bowls well.  A little odd to fit in glasses. I liked the shape of the brush.  It made it clean better. I would purchase this again and recommend it because it's very sturdy, and I found several other uses for this brush.  I prefer to use it for household cleaning chores rather than dishes.


Savannah, GA


The Laid Back Dish Brush is the best designed tool EVER!!


OMG where was this all my life. I have permanent nerve damage to my hands and doing dishes is actually very painful.  This Laid Back Dish Brush  is the greatest tool . Thank you. I never imagined a simple item could make my chore so easy.  Buy it people you will love it.


Mesa, AZ


The Full Circle Laid Back Dish Brush is FANTASTIC


I love my laid back dish brush.  I have used it to clean dishes, pots, pans and the general mess in my sink.  I have always been swapping out my brushed because of sauce stains or melted cheese on the bristles.  This brush didn't hold any of that.  Everything came off the brush with hot water.  The handle is very comfortable and easy to reach hard places.  I dont think i will ever go back to my old dish brush.


Wilmington, DE


Sleeker than a Sponger...and much more effective!


Okay, so I admit.  I had mixed feelings about this brush...until I tried it.  With three males in the house, I feel like my full time job is doing dishes.  This brush has made this momma very happy.  First of all, it is so easy to hold.  It has a great curved handle that makes this comfortable to use and it doesn't fall over when putting it down.  It is long enough to reach into narrow glasses where your hand couldn't to get all the milk or tea stains.  It is also very effective in cleaning baby bottles.  My favorite feature of this brush, is the fact that it is reusable!  All you have to do is throw it in the dishwasher or boil it in hot water and it is good as new are ready to use again.   


Tremont, IL


Full Circle Laid Back Dish Brush

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