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Full Circle
Full Circle High and Dry Scrub Brush

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I wish I bought two of these!!


My grandma had one of these but with a long grip handle, so when looking for the perfect scrub brush I made sure to keep in mind the hard areas I wouldn't be able to get to like corners if I purchased a rounded scrub brush as I don't want to be whacking the corners and getting a toothbrush to clean the corners and that it had to have a stand of some sorts so that I would have to worry about finding a place of where to put it or that germs might grow on the brush with laying it down. I am glad I got the Full Circle High and Dry Scrub Brush and have been happy ever since. Not only does it feature an angled bristle brush head to reach into corners and hard to reach grime areas but it stands on its flat end to easy storage and actually dries faster that way as opposed to laying it down. This is a well sought after scrub brush because the next week I returned to the store they were sold out. If I ever see it again I will be purchasing another one as a spare for other areas of the house, it is just remarkably designed and the brand really put some thought into what home cleaners need and would want without facing obstacles with their products limitations as this scrub brush has none.




I haven't used the High and Dry Scrub Brush yet.


I haven't tried the High and Dry Scrub Brush yet.  Honestly, I didn't know that it was for cleaning dishes.   Now that I know what it's for I am looking forward to trying it, I am sure it works great.  I love that it stands up so it stays bacteria-free.  The tag should list suggested uses, so you know what it's for.


Ravenna, NE


Its big with a bite!


The high and dry scrubbrush was a little big for my dishes but i used it on my pans and loved it! It is very durable and im sure I wont need to replace it as often as regular dish scrub brushes and i have a good feeling it wont get that awful odor that most scrub brushes get after a couple uses. I will buy and recomend it to all my freinds Thanks, Lauren Topham


Saint George, UT


Full CircleHigh and Dry Scrub Brush stands tall to all the rest.


I really loved the Full Circle High and Dry Scrub Brush. This brush stands up so all the dirty water drains of the bristles. I hate when my other scrub brush gets grim buildup around the bristles. I ahve used this brush for a month and haven't noticed a thing. The size is big enough to hold in your hand but not to the point of hurting. This brush makes doing the dished a fun chore rather than a dreading chore.


Ogden, UT


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Chicago, IL


Full circle high & dry scrub brush is the best for corners!


The full circle high & dry scrub brush is definitely different looking!  I used it dry to reach in the corners of carpeted areas to get those dusty spots that vacuums can't get! It did the job! I also used it  to clean the shower, the bristles were perfect for the job. Tough enough for soap scum, yet gentle enough for the glass doors. I loved that it stands up for easy fast drying.


Forest Hill, MD


Wow, the high and dry scrub brush is like a luxury item!


Wow, the High and Dry scrub Brush is very high quality! I felt like I was using something from a spa to do my dishes.  It works great. It feels natural in my hand, like a polished wood friend. I love how it stands on end to dry.. It even looks nice by the sink .... I wanted others to see my new brush, it is like a decoration, but it is extremely durable and I think it will last for many years...


Rensselaer Falls, NY


Gentle yet tough


  The **Full Circle High and Dry Srub Brush** has been a blessing around my home. I realize that probably sounds a bit extreme, but it's true. Somehow my children always manage to make messes in the corners and tight spots in the kitchen and none of them ever bother to tell me when it happens. The angled tip on this scrub brush manages to get into those corners and tight spots and get at the stains left by old spills. While this scrub brush is gentle enough to clean delicate dishes, it is also tough enough for cleaning out sinks and tubs, as well as scrubbing pots and pans. My favorite use though was definitely cleaning the counters and around the sink thanks to its shape and easy to grasp handle. Another great feature is that you can stand the High and Dry Scrub Brush up when you're done using it so that it dries quickly, which does not let germs fester on the bristles. As I mentioned, the handle is easy and comfortable to grip. The High and Dry Scrub Brush is all-natural, biodegradable, plant-based plastic and bamboo. We all need to learn to live more green, and it is nice to know that these scrubbers will biodegrade rather than sit in a landfill for all time.  


Wichita, KS


High and Dry Scrub Brush is easy to use and dries fast.


The High and Dry Scrub Brush is all-natural, biodegradable, plant-based plastic and bamboo shich is great for Going Green. I liked that it stands on end after use for quick, bacteria-free drying. I was a winner in the ViewPoint Giveaway and received it to try. At first I thought it might be too rough but after it is wet it softens up. I will reccomment it to friends and will buy one to give out at Xmas.


Rowlett, TX


Full Circle High and Dry Scrub Brush

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