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Fujitsu Lifebook A1130 Notebook

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Love my Fujitsu


- Perfect companion for international travellers, comes with power adapter that is suitable for both 110 and 220 (up to 240)V/ All you will need is new cord ot adapret that fits in European outlets. - I use it for almost a year and so far never had problems. Everything runs fine, no problems setting wireless network. Not once it got me frustrated :) - Bult in camera and mic so you can chat with your mom all you want! - Spill resistant keyboard! So you can have your coffee. My 3year old actually tested it with milk. Thanks Heavens it really works :) - I love clear and bright monitor, however a lot of glare outside. - Comes with face cover (I have green one), which is nice, not only because it is "fun" but also because it protects computer from scratching. - Three USB ports - **MADE IN JAPAN**, let me repeat... **MADE IN JAPAN**! Melamine free, if you want to lick off spilled coffe LOL - Great price, go ahead and compare to other brands with similar options. *Cons: Battery life is  not that great(runs for about 1.5 hours if you watch movie with full volume), could use better speakers*. I don't know if they have better battery option, I never looked because I always us it plugged in. Additional speakers solve second issue. Overall I don't have a single regret about this notebook.  

Plainfield, IN


Fujitsu Lifebook A1130 Notebook

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