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Fujitsu Heater/AC

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Fujitsu 15RLS AC/ Heat system is sensational.


We have the Fujitsu 15RLS Wall Mounted Heat / AC system installed in our home.  We have had it now for 1 1/2 years.  We really like it and have had zero issues with it.  The supply lines for it are about 50 feet from the outside condenser unit and it has no issues heating or cooling.   Cons: Does not work well below 10 degreesF.  YOu have to clean the filters about every 1 to 2 months. (Manual says every 6 months, but if it is your main heat/cooling; it is more often).  You have to go outside and clean it off after snow storms.  You really can't use it during big snow storms or it will ice up. Pros:  Quiet.  Heats a room/house very quickly.  We have two units (one a 12 and one a 15, both high SEER) and they heat our entire home. (25 by 75 with many walls, not open concept).  They also have timers on it so you can schedule when to turn it off and on.  It uses a nice remote that can be placed anywhere.  It is very good at cleaning the dust out of your house.  Saves you from having to dust every week. You can change fan speeds, temps, modes, etc to maximize your needs.   PS Don't let contractors tell you to install it near appliances/ TVs/computers.  They do occassionally drip water and should not be near these devices.  

Hollis, NH


Fujitsu Heater/AC

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