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Fujifilm - Finepix S1500 Digital Camera

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I LOVE my fine pix S1500 camera!


This is the camera I use all the time. I bought it about two years ago and have enjoyed excellent pictures, video (with great sound), and many extra features. I love the feature that allows you to click once and then it takes several pictures, one right after the other. I went on vacation and took pictures of dolphins swimming with this feature. I got some GREAT shots. Also, I love the fast shutter speed. I don't miss important picture-taking opportunities waiting for the shot to register. It has a cool finish on it that allows you to grip the camera easily too. The zoom is extremely steady and very close up. Another feature that I love is the panorama picture option. The only thing I dislike is that the LCD screen has a lip around the edges where dirt and fuzz gets stuck. It would be better to have it flush with the camera so it would be easier to clean. The battery I use are the Ni-MH batteries which are okay but you have to charge them frequently. It is a GREAT camera all in all.

Spokane, WA


awesome camera


I just received the Fujifilm FinePix camera for my birthday, and so far I love it.  It takes great pictures with the flash on or off, unlike my old camera which the lighting was always wrong.  It is cute, but also stylish.  My sister said it looked very professional.  I loved that it came with a camera case and a four gig memory card.  It can hold over fifteen hundred pictures.  Also I love the fact that it takes AA batteries, because I can buy rechargable batteries which are inexpensive, but also if I'm out and my batteries die, I could always just buy new ones whereas a camera that comes with a single battery you are out of luck if you're on the road and it dies with no where to charge it.  The only downfall I have noticed is when you take a video and zoom in, you can hear the lens zooming when you watch the video.  But it is not a big deal for people like me who don't take videos very often.  So far this is the best camera I have ever owned.

Fort Myers, FL


love my camera!


I got this camera for Christmas and I just love it! I upgraded from a Kodak and could never go back :) You deffintly have to read the manuel if you want to use every feature on the camera though. I am still working out some of those things, but for the most part I am happy. Most of the feature are really easy to use. And there arent too many buttons that make it confusing. I love the movie making option. It helps only having to carry around one peice of equipment versus two. The movies are of good quality and great sound too. I have stopped using my camcorder because of the camera :) I also love the amount of storage the camera has, I take alot of pictures and I have never run out of space. I did notice the prices of these cameras go down extremly in the past couple of months. Im wondering if they will go down even more when the holidays come. The only negative thing I have to say about this camera is the lens cover. Mine always pops off and rarely stays on.  

Jacksonville, NC


The Fuji Fine Pix S1500 is a fairly decent camera.


- 10 Megapixels - 12x zoom lens - Dual Image Stabilisation - 2.7" LCD - Tracking Auto Focus - Instant zoom - Panorama Shooting Mode - Full Photographic Control - SR Auto - ISO to 6400 (at 3MP) sensitivity - 16 scene modes - Face Detection Technology with automatic red-eye removal     For the money, the Fuji Fine Pix S1500 is a fairly good camera.  I like the shape of the camera body and the handiness of controls.  At the time I purchased it, I was also considering a Canon in the same price range.  The store clerk showed me a poster from a print from the Fuji and swayed my decision to it.  Image quality is quite sharp.  One problem I have observed and that is that the camera does not do well with low light picture taking.  Images taken with low light are somewhat fuzzy and have a yellow tint to them. The Fuji Fine Pix S1500 is fully automated but for the more advanced photographer, it also features some manual settings as well.  It has face detection and image stabilization which can enable even the most inexperienced photographer to get a good portrait shot.

Farmersville Station, NY


this camera is great.


**This camera has really been a very easy camera to get used to using. at first it was a little hard to use without reading the instructions. But the more i used it ,the easier it got. The pictures are very clear. I had been used to using the kodax easy share cameras,I then bought a pentax.I really thought that my pentax was the best camera i had ever used,until i bought the SI500 Fui film digital camera. I like the different settings that it has. I can set it on SRAuto,and i don't have to worry about the settings. It will automatically adjust settings.Record movies with sound. I can set it on Scene position and it can choose a scene suited to the subject and the camera will do the rest.  The camera also automatically detect human faces and can set focus and exposure that can emphasize portrait subjects. There are at least 3 types of flashes.Auto flash, forced flash, and slow synchro. Auto flash is recommended in most situations.This camera also has an Instant Zoom. The camera also came with software that will enable you to copy pictures to your computer.Overall I am enjoying this camera very much, I am sure that i will buy another one.**

Sanford, NC


Fujifilm - Finepix S1500 Digital Camera

4.6 5