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Fujifilm - FinePix Z200fd Digital Camera

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Average, a little disappointed


This is sleak and light weight camera. The motion picture feature is awesome, great sound and adjust for shakey hand. At first I thought this was the best camera, took great photos until I started "playing" with the variable shooting parameters. After that the camera's photos are all come grainy. I tried to set it back to default, but no luck. Also it has a feature that states it can erase all photos at once, but mine never did. I had to erase each photo one at a time....very tedious. When I first bought this camera and totally loved it, I bought the exact same one for my daughter, now her photos are also developing grainy.  

Xenia, OH


wants a good digital camera? go for fujifilm!


This is the fourth fujifilm digital camera that I purchased. I bought it when this model just came out, so it was kind of pricey, but I knew fujifilm digital cameras always have great performance and this one did not disappoint me. It is very lightweighted, and it is very small. It has a pretty big screen and the display is very good; so you can see the pictures clearly through the display. The model looks very stylish, and it has unique color choices too. The thing that I do not like it is that I always have to charge the batteries seperately by using a battery charger. I wondered why they do this, because the previous fuji cameras that I owned allowed me to charge the batteries through the usb. And make sure you get the batteries from fujifilm instead of those cheaper ones on the net. Those inexpensive batteries have very low quality and they do not last long. Mine died in less than 6 months. Overall it is a very good camera that I would recommend.

Allston, MA


excellent camera for the size and money


This is my fourth Fuju digital camera and my third "Z" camera. I love this camera. I purchased this to take photos I can enlarge and have printed several 16" by 20" prints that look great. I like available light indoor pictures for a more natural look and this camera's dual anti-shake feature makes it possible to take clear pictures indoors without a flash. I have made several videos that look great also. The camera is a great size and a beautiful deisgn. My favorite camera ever, by far. I recommend this camera 110%.

Grand Prairie, TX




i bought this camera to replace my old HP camera i had for like 4 years or so. This is yet, by far the BEST digital camera i've ever owned! And to make it better and influenced my decision even more, is that it's PINK!! :) The design is sleek, but yet sturdy, it's thin, the megapixels are GREAT! it's just an awesome camera and it's a new model here in the U.S from fujifilm!!

Kaneohe, HI


Fujifilm - FinePix Z200fd Digital Camera

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