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Fujifilm - FinePix Z10fd Camera

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My Fujifilm Fine Pix digital camera is great!!


I bought this camera several years ago as me and my husband where going out of town on a small vacation. We were going to Galveston to do a little ghost hunting. They have a ghost tour and the guide suggested that we use cameras. We didn't have anything at the time that was of much quality and needed something new, but didn't want to spend a lot. This little camera has been great and so dependable. We not only used it on that trip with great results, but it has been to the beach and down the river tubing, and I have never had any problems. This poor thing has been dropped so many time and doesn't look so well any more thanks to my teenagers. I have another camera now, that is much more expensive and sensitive, and I still find myself wanting to use this one. I initially gave this camera to my daughter when I got my new one, but I keep borrowing it from her. It just works so well, and I would recommend this to anyone!

Bullard, TX


great digital camera


Wow!Let me tell you about this camera,my husband bought it for me on christmas of 2007,And i use it almost everyday!My husband has a sony cybershot and that doesn't compare to mine,my sister has a new digital camera(purchased on 2009) and is also sony(not as good as mine)Even they tell me ,"Ooh your camera takes the pictures very clearly".Yes, it does,It takes wonderfully crystal clean pictures!The design still matches up to the latest new cameras out there,and so does the technology.It has 3x fujinon optical zoom lens,I don't know whats the capasity in storing pictures,but i once had over 300.This is a very cute digital camera,I carry it inside my purse ,so yeah its very compact.This camera is very sleek,and its thin,not too bulky or heavy.It is also ,very stylish,It comes in different colors.I'm not sure what specific colors,I have the blue one ,I know there's a lime green one and a pink one ,(I think).The price its also,reasonable,It has multiple features,Like museam quality lighting,beach,or snow,or glowing lighting,no flash,multiple flash ,natural lighting and so many more.It is also very easy to download pictures,all you do is connect the usb port from ur camera to the computer and turn your camera on! thats it ,wonderful!

Houston, TX


Fujifilm - FinePix Z10fd Camera

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