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Fujifilm - FinePix S8100 Digital Camera

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Fujifilk Finepix has a fan for life


I am over the moon with my new Fujifilm Finepix digital camera! I should qualify that statement by saying I've had only cheap pocket-sized digital cameras before this one, so it's not fair for me to compare to other larger models BUT I couldn't be more pleased with this model. It's very easy to adjust the settings and even edit on camera. This is so easy to use, even my kids love to play with it. Image Quality There are several available settings for image quality right on the device. I'm able to get gorgeous, crisp results (and I'm a pretty poor photographer, so that's saying a lot). Performance This camera has every feature I need and does it really well. At first the number of options felt a little overwhelming, but I spent a happy day playing with it and now can use most of the settings with confidence. Ease of Use Very easy to use once you get used to it, and that doesn't take very long at all. Durability So far so good! I have only had it for a short while so we'll see how it holds up. Battery Life I charged the battery right when I received the camera on Christmas and still haven't needed to recharge. Impressive! Portability It comes with a variety of straps plus a carrying case. Portability-wise, it's all set.


Greensboro, NC


A powerful point and shoot!


I had only been using small, pocket-sized point and shoot cameras, until my boyfriend gave me this one as a Christmas gift. And I have to say, even though it's much bigger, it has so many more features that I enjoy! The Panorama mode for shooting, for example, is a lot of fun to use. Especially when you want to get a 360 shot of a skyline, a beach, or a mountain range. It's simple to use, but gives you some really great results to share with your friends and family! The zoom on this camera is also phenomenal. I'm consistently amazed at how high-quality some of my shots turn out, even when I use the zoom at full capacity! Many point and shoot camera's quality seems to go way down when you zoom in as far as you can in a shot. This one doesn't seem to be the case at all! The macro and super macro functions are also handy and work extremely well for getting all the little close-up details of small things. The only complaint I have is that while the camera also takes pretty nice video, AND you can zoom in and out while taking video, the zoom lens makes a lot of noise, which gets recorded in the video. So if you're taking a video and there's people talking, be forewarned that you're also going to hear a lot of whirling if you try to zoom in or out on them. Other than that, this is a wonderful camera that I would definitely recommend to point and shoot users who want to get the best out of their shots but don't want to spend a ton of money.


Port Orchard, WA


Point and Shoot but almost SLR


This model has 12x optical zoom and 10 megapixels. The latter is variable if you are worried about computer hard drive space. The camera itself can hold 800 shots at 10mp with the optional SD card. The screen is 2.7 inches diag and one can use it or the viewfinder to shoot. The camera is fully featureD but still quite compact, about the size of a Pentax ME. Shooting modes include full auto, movie and panorama. It is light and shaped to be easy and comfortable to hold steady for shooting. Transfer to computer is via the supplied USB cord. The camera has proven to be rugged, reliable and gives great results, especially in face recognition mode.


Macon, GA


Perfect for the 'more than the weeken' photographer.


I bought this camera a few months ago and have been nothing but thrilled with the pictures it takes. It has a great macro setting along with a super macro setting that lets you get very close and personal with whatever item it is you are trying to take a picture of. The automatic settings include the flash with red eye reduction, motion sensitivity, natural light setting and a setting where it will take two pictures in a row, one with and without flash to see which you like best. It will take 3 pictures in succession as well, and zoom in on the center of the frame and zoom closer each time. It has a face detecting feature which is very handy when you're taking pictures of multiple things. I can't say it always read the faces 100% correctly but it doesn' 95% of the time. I'm in love with this camera. It takes great pictures of my kids, my flowers, birds, scenery and people. Works well for sunsets and other aspects of the day. If you are moving up from a complete point and click camera, this is a great step up for you.


Wills Point, TX


Love this camera!


My husband bought this camera for my birthday last year after a lot of research into the easiest and best digital cameras for the price.  We wanted something that had a zoom for sporting events and for outdoor shots. I aboslutely love this camera.  It is easy to use and the pictures turn out great.  I love the zoom option and is great for sporting events.  It takes great outdoor pictures, they are very clear and the colors are sharp. I take a lot of pictures of my kids when they are playing their sports and this takes some great action shots.  It has the option to take continuous pictures and is great for catching a great play or shot being taken on goal. There are many options on this camera that I have not yet tried, but will when I have some time.  The basic picture taking features are great. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for an easy digital camera with a nice zoom and great pictures.


Meridian, ID


Fuji Digital Camera is leaps and bounds better than others!


The Fuji FinePixS1000fd digital camera is amazing.  When my Olympus camera of 7 yrs died a sudden death, I first bought an average priced, average quality (according to the labels) camera.  It was one of those slim cameras with only a viewfinder screen.  After losing out on once in a lifetime shots including a wild moose and the camera chewing through batteries before returning home from a 1 1/2 hour drive, I decided that I needed to return that camera and get a REAL camera.  As a result I ended up purchasing the Fuji camera. This particular camera had a lot of positive selling points for me. 1. Size - it is much easier to hold on to this camera for those who have trouble holding small objects. 2. Weight - it is a little bit heavier than those slim cameras, but not too heavy for someone with weak wrists. 3. Memory Card - after noticing that some cameras are now using XD cards, vs SD or SDHD cards, I went with this camera because I know the SD cards will work in my digital picture frame. 4. Price - although it was more expensive than I was expecting to pay, the price was very reasonable compared to other cameras of this size, quality and features. 5. Viewfinder - for those of us who would rather have an option of whether or not to use a viewfinder screen, this camera is perfect because you can turn off the viewfinder screen and instead use the eye hole. 6. Battery life - unlike the other camera that chewed through the new batteries (I had put in brand new ones as we were leaving the driveway) in less than 1 1/2 hours, this Fuji camera is a refreshing change.  I take pictures nearly every day with 2 days per week being all-day trips, and the batteries last an average of 3-4 weeks. 7. Zoom - after 7 yrs of a 4X zoom, this camera is amazing at 12X zoom.  I have been able to take recognizable pictures of animals from nearly half of a mile above (I do a lot of photography in the mountains). 8. Neck Strap - as opposed to the smaller camera that I tried which only had a wrist strap, the neck strap helps me feel more confident that the camera will not slip out of my hand as I hang out my car window to take a picture as we drive by at 70 mph. 9. Flash - unlike some cameras that only allow automatic flashes, this camera allows you to turn the flash on and off as YOU see fit. 10. Photo Quality - in nearly 8 months of owning the camera (through today) I have taken just over 1,250 pictures from the Rocky Mountains to the east coast and in temperatures ranging from 80 degrees to 19 degrees below zero and the pictures I took yesterday are of the same great quality as the first day I owned the camera. This camera is a perfect fit for any amateur photographer who wants a great camera without extra bells and whistles that only a professional would be apt to use...or in some cases even know HOW to use.


Aurora, CO




This is my second digital camera, I upgraded. Has the look of a digital slr, with point & shoot ease & price. The only negative I have is about the battery. Had to purchase a new one after 1 year. But, then I learned how to bring the old one back to life. So, now I actually have a back up battery, which everyone says one should have anyway. So, my negative turned out to be a positive. I love this camera.


Crozet, VA


Great Camera, especially for the price


We got this camera when our first child, our son, was born in 2008. We knew we wanted a camera that was more than a simple point and shoot, and even though we liked the idea of an SLR, we didn't want to pay that type of price. We have loved this camera, and although there is quite a bit we would like to learn about photography, the camera is pretty good, easy to understand, and takes good pictures. It is easy to transfer photos to the computer, and is very user friendly. It is also small enough to be very portable. The videos that it takes are also pretty high quality, for the type of camera that it is, and for the price. The LCD screen is also adequate. Overall, the Fujifilm S1000fd camera is perfect for someone like us, a young family, who wants to take candid photos of our family, and our children as they grow. It is plenty fancy for those who wish they were photographers, but don't necessarily have that specific talent!


Woodstock, GA


Fujifilm finepix s2000hd


Fujifim finepix s2000hd digital camera is a great camera and very affordable. I have had this camera for  two years now  and I'm still not a pro with this camera but it is easy to use. It takes great pictures and the love the settings you can change such as  picture stablization the reduce camera shake and moving subject blur,it also has a movie mode  recording with sound, three images in one shot with a full frame and two type cropping,natural light,automatic mode with user settings,portrait with soft overall tone and beautiful skin tones, program ae automatic mode with programed settings,shutter priority ae automatic mode with user setting the shutter speed,natural light  retains natural light without flash, custom shotting mode with thr shutter speed and the aperture. I also love the face detiction button so it will center the picture. I would highly recommend that you purchase rechargeable batteries disposible batteries seem not to last very long.  Overall camera is great!


Elkmont, AL


Good Camera, but not Great


This camera does take excellent pictures, as others have stated, however, it does not have Image Stabilization and therefore, if you're trying to take pictures of your children during a play or something similar, you end up with a bunch of blurry pictures.  I was SO disappointed.  I loved the pictures I had taken that were posed for and planned.  But trying to take a picture of someone moving or while going about their business, caused me to get a bunch of blurry, useless pictures.  I thought it was my settings or something I was doing wrong, but I looked into the issue and found it was because this camera doesn't have the Image Stabilization.  This is my 3rd FugiFilm Camera, and I love them, but my next one WILL have the Image Stabilization for sure!


Flippin, AR


Fujifilm - FinePix S8100 Digital Camera

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