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Fujifilm - FinePix J38 Digital Camera

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Good little point and shoot


The things I was looking for in buying this were pretty basic.  I wanted something that was able to take pictures fairly quickly to be able to capture my kids in action.  check  I wanted something that had a good battery life.  check  I wanted to be able to point and click and have it turn out well.  check I know nothing about lens speed or exposure or anything else like that.  I am very amatuer when it comes to taking pictures, but I didn't want to sacrifice quality.  I believe this camera does the trick.  It might not be a good camera for those more experienced or trained, but for me, it's just fine.  I am able to capture pictures of the family without worrying about the battery or missing the moment because it was too busy thinking. One con is that whenever you want to change modes, you do have to go into the menu.  My old camera had a turnie knob on top that made it easy to go back and forth from photo to video.  This one has more steps.

Harrisburg, PA


Not impressed with the Fujifilm J38.


After owning a Fujifilm camera I loved for years and reading numerous good reviews online of the J38 digital camera I finally decided to cave in and buy one. Not the best decision I've ever made. This camera is lackluster at best, and that's being generous. The saturation is off, the contrast is off and you might as well forget about taking decent indoor pictures.. especially without a flash. In fact, I'd say 80% of the indoor pictures I take come out unusable due to noise and this is even after trying all the different shooting options and ISO settings. To say I'm disappointed would definitely be an understatement, considering I drove far out of my way to find one of these still in stock. I'm not sure if maybe I just got a lemon, but this camera has proved to be one of the worst I've owned. If I were a potential buyer I would make sure the store you're purchasing this camera from has a good return policy, because you might need it!

O Fallon, MO


Fujifilm - FinePix J38 Digital Camera

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