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Fujifilm - FinePix F470 Zoom Digital Camera

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It's slim, but powerful.


I've had this camera for about 2 years.  I love the rechargeable battery feature.  I watch my other friends buy rechargeable batteries for their digital cameras and love the fact that I don't have to mess with that.  It takes excellent pictures for being a space-saver type camera.  I love it!!!


Stilwell, OK


the size of a pack of cigarettes,yet takes fantastic pictures!


i purchased this camera at overstock.com.i love it.it is the size of a pack of cigarretes,so it can be carried anywhere.it has zoom and macro photography.it takes gorgeous pictures at different mbs.i really like its compact size.it has many other features too numerous to mention.i am a very satisfied owner of this camera.


Chesapeake, VA


Great camera with an affordable price


I have to tell you that I am hard to please in the digital camera department. I am hard on them so they normally don't last all that long. So when my boyfriend and I started looking for a new camera that wouldn't break the bank we made sure to do a lot of research. Fujifilm Finepix cameras got a lot of really great reviews and when we went to the store to try it out we were even more happy with it. I like that it came in a lot of fun colors. If I am going to carry this thing around I want it to look good. I also like that it recognizes faces and takes really great pictures. The software to get the pictures on to the computer was also really great. I love that it is easy to use and didnt take a lot of playing around with to figure it out. The software also allows you to edit the pictures and makes it very easy to save them if you are looking to post them to websites and things like that. I am very please with this camera and I would recommend it to anyone


Manhattan, MT




This is a awesome camera. I would absolutly recommend it to anyone!Price is great for the camera you get. I used to have a canon power shot and it was ok. This Fuji fine pix is AWESOME!! Great resolution, easy to use!


Grand Ledge, MI


Not exactly the best camera to have..


I have only had my camera for a year and a half, and it has already nearly stopped working. It does take decent quality pictures...when it decides to work. Fully charged batteries get me through about 10 pictures before my camera sucks the life out of them, and about every other time i try to use my camera, it shuts off as a try to snap a picture...it is completely unexplainable. I would not recommend this camera because it does not last and is not in the least bit reliable.


Brockton, MA


One of the best cameras I have every used


This is one of the best cameras that I have every had. I have always liked using Fuji. These cameras are very easy to use and are very durable. I have dropped this camera accidently a couple of times and it still works. The display is the perfect size for me. It makes it easy to view the photos. The camera is nice and slim which makes it easy to fit into my pocket.


Spring Valley, CA


Fujifilm - FinePix F470 Zoom Digital Camera

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