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Fujifilm - FinePix F20 Zoom Digital Camera

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Great camera


The Fujifilm F20 is known for its low noise at higher ISO. This is very important because for most compact cameras, at high ISO, the pictures because pixelated and starts having a watercolor effect. For those that are not aware, having more megapixels is not better for compact cameras because the camera sensor is too small to take advantage of more megapixels. 6-8 megapixels should be fine. If you want really high quality pictures, then purchase a DSLR. The Fujifilm F20 has decently fast shutter and focusing speed. However, when focusing, it can be quite noisy and loud. The battery life is very good. It includes a recharable battery with an external charge that is connected to the camera. You do not have to remove the battery to charge it. The camera can easily fit into your pocket or purse. I have dropped the camera before and it is still working fine so it is decently durable. Although the camera is old, it still a very good camera. The camera also used xD picture card that is getting phased out. Instead SD memory card is more reliable and cheaper. Therefore if you use the Fujiflm F20, the cards may be expensive.

Orlando, FL


Great point and shoot camera for general, every day use!


I've had this camera for a year now and absolutely love it. I got it to take every day pictures of my son and our travels. It takes great crisp, clear pictures outside and with the flash. Night shots and pictures without the flash vary - sometimes they're clear, sometimes not. As with all digital cameras I've had before, the trick is to either use a tripod or just take a gazillion pictures and hope that at least 1 turns out.  This camera takes excellent close-ups (i.e. flowers).  I would recommend it to anyone who just wants a camera to take every day pictures and not get too serious about photography.

Martinsburg, WV


This is an excellent camera for beginners.


I love this camera because I don't know much about photography but I like to take pictures.  You can just take basic pictures and it will help you adjust them automatically so they come out better, or whenever you get used to the camera you can play around with the advanced settings and experiment and learn.  Whenever we went shopping for this camera, my main concern was it having functions that were easy to use but still take nice pictures.  When I compared to all other cameras, (and I went to about 3 different stores as well as looked online) I found that this was the best camera by far that fit what I was looking for. Also, I was really impressed by the anti-blur function.  We took pictures out the window of the car going about 85 mph and you couldn't even tell that the picture was taken from a moving vehicle.     If you are like me and don't know anything about photography but like to take pictures I highly recommend this camera.

Austin, TX


Best camera I ever Owned!


***The **Fuji - FinePix F20 Zoom Digital Camera** was the best camera I ever owned!  It came with some really great features.  Lots of zoom, red eye reduction,options for certain types of pictures, at certain places and for certain times of day and events!  I was even able to crop an image from the camera itself.  My favorite part was the battery.  It was a lithium battery that you charged from an outlet  (cord was included) and you didn't have to keep replacing the batteries.  Not to mention having to carry them around and missing an important memory from being sidetract from changing batteries! (thats a huge pain) It also came with a USB cord for your computer so  you could upload all your pictures incase the Memoy card you bought (not included) doesn't fit in your computer. The **Fuji - FinePix F20 Zoom Digital Camera** is very durable as well. Unless it gets run over by a jeep which is what happened to mine. (UGH!!)  I am now on the lookout for a new one!  I WOULD DEFINATLEY RECOMMEND THIS CAMERA!!***

Williamstown, NY


Fujifilm - FinePix F20 Zoom Digital Camera

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