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Fujifilm - FinePix A500 Zoom Digital Camera

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Don't Buy A Fuji Camera


Fuji Fine Pix A500 eats batteries like it was at Nathan's HOT DOG EATING CONTEST!!   Terrible despite taking OK pictures, I would never buy another like this again! The rechargable batteries which last for 100s of pics in my Canon Sure SHot camera last for about 5-6 pictures in the Fuji then recharge for hours is necessary! D o  N o t  B u y  a FUJI  CAMERA 

New Port Richey, FL


I try not to leave home without it!


As an avid scrapbooker and card maker, I love sending pictures in my cards and adding pictures to my scrapbooks.  I love this camera because it has an actual viewfinder and doesn't force me to try and see the image on a little screen.  In Arizona where I live, the sun is usually out, and seeing the image on the screen is practically impossible.  I don't know why camera manufacturers are making cameras without a viewfinder.  Anyway, I love this camera.  It takes great pictures and is easy to use (that's a plus for me) and even easier to download.  I love Finepix software for Fugi that allows me to crop and reduce red eye and enhance my pictures.  Everything I do with this camera is just great.  The only thing that I might improve on with this unit is the on/off switch.  It is a little trickier to turn on and off, but once you get the hang of it, I guess it is ok.  A better system might be an improvement however.

Gilbert, AZ


Ok, but not the best.


I bought this camera hastily because I needed it the next day and I was on a budget. It has gotten me through, but most of the pictures are of low quality and come out fuzzy. The flash is also way too bright and makes everything appear far whiter than it actually is. This is a good camera for a kid or a young teenager, or someone who doesn't use it very often, but if your camera gets a lot of usage or if you want really good pictures I would opt for something else.

Warner Robins, GA


Poor Quality


I purchased a Fujiflim Digital Camera Finepix A500 and within 3 months I had a lens error.  I did like all the features it provided but it was a dissapointment in its quality, worst of all was that I sent it to get repaired with its manufacturer guarantee and was told that it would not be covered because it had minor scratches

Rio Grande City, TX


Lots of features in a tiny package!


I had an older Fuji digital, about twice as thick, and wanted to replace it with another Fuji so I wouldn't have to learn a whole new set of buttons and icons. This is a fantastic little camera: just an inch deep, barely bigger than a credit card, very light. 5.1 megapixels. The zoom lens retracts and covers itself when you power down, an improvement over my older model, whose manually-retracted lens cover cracked. Takes 2 AA batteries, regular or rechargeable, and a TINY xD 256 mb memory card. The feature I use most frequently is switching from auto-flash to manual. It's easy to learn and access. You can also use a redeye-reduction setting. You can use the viewscreen, which is 1 1/2 by just over 1 inch, or switch it off and use the little old-fashioned viewfinder to save battery life. Easy to review pics and transfer to the computer via USB cable. Takes great pics with a multitude of settings; small size is great for travel. A wonderful beginner to intermediate digital camera for non-techies such as myself.

Cincinnati, OH


Fujifilm - FinePix A500 Zoom Digital Camera

2.6 5