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Fujifilm - FinePix A360/A370 Digital Camera

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Decent Camera For A Decent Price


This camera has many features. Some of my favorites are: macro, self-timer w/ remote control, continuous shooting, sepia or black & white, trimming, movie mode, digital zoom, etc. We purchased this camera while on our honeymoon in order to hold more photos than our throw-away cameras do. That was back in April of 2006. We love it, still use it, and will continue to use it until it is no longer workable.

Folsom, LA


Not bad if you don't want much


I have owned my Fujifilm FinePix A360 for about 4 years now.  Yes, I know it is old, but when I spend the money on memory cards, batteries, etc, I would expect a few more years out of it.  I am currently in the market for a new camera, as this has not met my expectations.  It worked GREAT at first.  I took beautiful pictures of my son's birth.  I captured those precious first moments.... until about 2 years ago.  Things started to go downhill quickly.  The quality of the pictures is no longer there.  Just recently, I attempted to zoom in on my son's Christmas Concert at school.  Every single picture is blurry.  I have asked for advice and trouble shooted.  I am currently using the sports setting in hopes that I can stretch this thing out a little further.  I was told by a professional that my shutter is shot.  I am finding that my lens comes out when it feels like it.  There are plenty of times where it no longer comes out when I turn the power on.  Also, this thing does eat batteries.... and lot of them.  I highly recommend going the rechargable route if you still chose to purchase this mediocre camera.

Glens Falls, NY


My Fuji camera is so easy to use!!!!!


I just love my Fuji A360 digital camera!  This camera is so easy to use and operate.  It  is small and it came with a camera case and a portable stand and a xd memory card as a set.  I was also provided with software to load on to my computer and a USB cable' whitch makes it easy to upload pictures to my computer. The screen on the back of the camera is about 2 inches by 2 inches whitch makes it easy to see the pictures I have taken right away. It is also easy to delete pictures that you do not like and to scroll through the pictures that you have.  Even though it is only 4.1 mega pixels it gives you great 4 by 6 pictures, which I use for my scrapbooking. You do not have to have a special battery for this camera, you only need two double A batteries and they last a long time if you get the ones for digital camera's. There are lots of times that I print my four by six pictures and then I take them to get blown up at a copy center on eight and one half by eleven size glossy card stock, or some times I just have them use my memory card and print which size I want on the glossy card stock.  This is alot cheaper than going to a local photo center to get a large picture.  I just love my cammera!! 

Racine, WI


Fujifilm - FinePix A360/A370 Digital Camera

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