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Fuji Newest 3.0

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Very good starter bike...


I decided to begin bicycling because I am overweight and I needed to work out a severe knee problem.  My budget was low so with coupons and clearance prices, this was the most bike I could afford at Performance Bicycle.  The bike itself has more than adequate components for the beginner but as the distances get greater, the first thing that one discovers is an issue is the saddle.  Ouch.  My bike is a 2009, but in 2010 they put a little better saddle.  The rest of the components are either Shimano or Fuji brand parts.  The fork is Carbon which helps you get use to the rough ride associated with road bikes, especially of you previously only road fit tire retail bicycles.  It has dual brakes to give new riders a more upright feel as well as an adjustable stem. As I alluded to earlier, this bike is a good for beginner cyclist who want to step up their cycling, but beyond that, the longer the ride, the need for upgrades and possible replacement become inevitable.


Tomball, TX


Fuji Newest 3.0

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