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Fuji - FinePix S9100

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Nice looking camera.


I received the Fuji-finepix s9100 series camera as a gift from my husband quite a few years ago because he knows how much I love to take pictures. The grip and thumb rest are pretty comfortable for my hands and it is easy to hold. However it has so many different features that it is a little confusing on which one i should use for the picture i am going to take. It is a very nice camera but it will take some time to get used to. Image Quality Pictures are nice



difficult to use


camera is just average-don't expect too much for quality-the camera body is hard to hold on to without blurring the image to be photographed Image Quality average if you are lucky enough to hold the small camera still Performance blurs easily but small enough and light enough to be able to transport easily Ease of Use difficult to handle - design flaw-a tripod would be a must for any important image to be shot Durability have dropped with no apparent ill results-I do try to keep it in a hard case Battery Life battery life is good unless a lot of flash is used Portability small enough to put in purse or to hang on your belt loop. Very lightweight

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Fuji - FinePix S9100

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