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Bean Bag
Fuf Bean Bag Chair

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This is as far from a bean bag chair as you can get.


I received this as a gift after asking for a bean bag chair. I am 54 and LOVED my original bean bag. (which by the way, never went "flat"). When I opened this, there were absolutely no instructions. I had to go online to find out how to "fluff" it. It is very large and unmanageable. When I sat in the chair, the pieces of foam inside were hard and uncomfortable. It is also not possible to change positions once you sit in it. You have to go through the entire "tossing procedure" again and again. (or kick the crap out of it). My old bean bag chair allowed you to maneuver into whatever position you wanted while sitting in the chair.  I will be dumping the junk out of this and filling it with actual beans. Further adding to the high cost of this.  If you are looking for a bean bag chair...THIS IS NOT IT... keep looking!! It is hard and uncomfortable and difficult to reposition.

Peoria, IL


such a comfy bean bag chair!


The Fuf Bean Bag Chair is an awesome beanbag, but not at all what I expected. First off it comes vacuum sealed in a bag that makes you think it is fairly small. Don't let that fool you, once this sucker is exposed to air and kicked around a bit it's flipping huge. It's so huge that when we squished it into my Honda Civic it blacked out all the rear windows, and pressurized the front seats. If I had gotten rear ended driving this thing home; it would of either saved my life or ejected the driver seat through the windshield. It holds an amazing amount of heat, making it very comfortable and increasingly easy to want to fall asleep in. It can hold two people pretty easily, the lady in the picture must be like 6'6". It has a zipper and it reads as machine washable, but I'm not convinced it's double bagged yet as I can't get the zipper open, it's pretty small. If there is a cover for this it might be a worthy investment, I'd hate to see what would happen if the foam got loose. Pet hair will stick to it like no other, but that's to be expected. Overall I'm very happy with it, just keep in mind that it will look way bigger in a small apartment then it does at your parent's house. =)

Beverly Hills, CA


Fuf Foam Bean Bag Chair = Comfy x 1000


I was a little skeptical about this "bean bag" chair when my son first told me he wanted one but I looked around, read some reviews and decided to give it a try. First off, this is not your typical "bean" bag chair that goes flat about a week after you buy it... this bag is full of small foam pieces which means it won't go flat on you!! We bought the Large size (which easily fits two adults comfortably with room to spare) and when it was delivered it was in a box a third the size this thing was supposed to be! I thought how in the world is this going to fluff that much!! Well it did! It took about a day for this bag to fully fluff and when it did it was HUGE. The cover seems very durable so far, we have had this bag about three months and there has been quite a lot of flopping and jumping on this bag!!This is the most comfy bean bag we have ever owned and I'm seriously considering the larger sofa size for our bonus room. These come in many sizes from xsmall all the way to a sofa size.  The whole family loves this bag!!

Chapel Hill, TN


Fuf Bean Bag Chair

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