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Fruit of the Earth
Fruit of the Earth Skincare Lotion

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Fruit of the Earth lotion,,,,,,main condiment for the body.


Fruit of the Earth skin care lotion is one of the most moisturizing lotions I have used. It actually soaks in your skin and doesn't leave a oily residue. I bought it for radiation burns that my husband received from radiation treatments. It helped tremendously, keeping the area from itching as much, due to the dryness. It lasted for hours compared to some products only lasting a few minutes. It also made the skin more supple and soft. I used it on myself just as an all over moisturizer, I liked the condition it left my skin. I used it under my makeup and it worked well making my foundation glide on smooth and evenly. Due to the dry and cold weather allready, my legs feel dry and scaley after shaving. This lotion helped smooth the skin and make it a lot more soft. It helped make the dryness of my elbows and heels all but nonexistent. I don't mean to sound like a paid spokesperson for Fruit of the Earth,but, I was really impressed with this product.


Springfield, LA


Fruit of the Earth Skincare Lotion

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