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Front Control Dishwasher in Black

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Ok for base model machine


This Frigidaire dishwasher was installed in our home about 6 months ago. It runs reliably, and thoroughly cleans all dishes about 95% of the time. I have always been in the habit of pre-rising dishes before loading them into a dishwasher, so I don't know how it would perform if I didn't. The stainless front looks nice, and it resists fingerprints fairly well. The rinse aid receptacle works well--we have extremely hard water, but no spots when it's used. The buttons are easy to read, understand, and press. This dishwasher is much quieter than our last, but not as quiet as some I've seen. I wish the inside was more customizable to what I am loading at any given time, particularly the silverware/utensil holder (all the sections are the same size, with none being large enough for items like my tea filter, French press parts, or blender blade). We have a large family, so the dishwasher gets used every day. It is holding up well. My favorite feature is the delay option. I load the dinner dishes and then set the dishwasher to start after we're in bed. Clean dishes when we get up without interfering with water for showers or laundry. Overall, a decent dishwasher for a lower end model at the price point.


Washington State


Save your money


This is a bottom of the line dishwasher that came with our house when we purchased it. The cleaning power is not that great and overall, quality isn't the best either. We did not keep the dishwasher long. Instead, we replaced it with a much nicer KitchenAid model. Noise Level The noise level isn't horrible. I wouldn't call it loud and obnoxious, nor would I call it quiet by any means. We could hear it running throughout the house. Loading Flexibility With an area on the bottom rack that cannot be blocked because it supplies water to the top rack, you are limited to what you can place in the bottom. Performance Sometimes my dishes were clean. Often times I had to rewash them. Eventually it just became easier to wash my dishes by hand. I would simply use the dishwasher for sterilizing and heating canning jars before I filled and processed them. Design The major design flaw with this dishwasher is that it operates on a system that is designed for water to shoot up from the bottom of the dishwasher to power the jet sprayers for the top rack. Thus meaning if anything shifts or falls during washing, the top rack of dishes gets no water spray. A better design are those dishwashers that have a water supply in the back of the dishwasher that powers the upper rack spray arm. Durability We never had any major issues with the breakdown of this dishwasher. However, we didn't really keep it long enough (less than 2 years) to truly test how it would preform.




This dishwasher has worked well but not the best I have owned.


I have this dishwasher currently. It has worked fairly well for us. However, other dishwashers I have owned in the past have done a much better job at getting the dishes clean. Often time, our glasses come out still looking dirty. That is even on the highest wash setting. However, everything else is clean and it has never not worked. Noise Level Noise level is great. Sometimes I hear it when we run it at night but it is never bothersome. Cleaning Time When you put it on the highest wash setting, the cleaning takes a little more time. However, the normal wash cycle is not as long. Loading Flexibility I wish the dishwasher was a little wider. Ours fills up pretty quickly but we can usually load the things in with no problems. Performance Like I said, a lot of times our glasses come up still looking dirty. The other dishes come out clean most of the time though. Design I do really like the way it looks. The black and silver go well together. However, I wish it was a little wider. Durability We have had it for two years with no problems.




Front Control Dishwasher in Black

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