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Frito-Lay - Sunflower Seeds

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I just love them!


I frequently eat sunflower seeds and Frito lay is one of my favorite brands. They satisfy my sunflower cravings but tend to be a little overboard in the salt department....( of course you expect sunflower seeds to be a bit saltier than other snacks!) The portion sizes are good for the price, no complaints there! If you a person who enjoys salty snacks, this is the one for you!



Great taste


Frito-Lay sunflower seeds are a great snack to eat. I have been eating Frito-Lay sunflower seeds for as long as I can remember. I remember going to the local minor league baseball games in town and having a pack of Frito-Lay sunflower seeds with me. They are full of flavor. I also enjoyed cracking them open with my teeth. Frito-Lay sunflower seeds are so good it is no surprise I usually finish them all in one sitting. Everytime I or a family member or friend go to a sporting event WE always have some Frito-Lay sunflower seeds on hand. Frito-Lay sunflower seeds not only taste good but they are also good for you. Sunflower seeds are packed with many healthy nutrients. I always carry a bag with me in my hand bag because they make for a quick snack. Frito-Lay sunflower seeds is a brand I can trust. I have eaten other brands of sunflower seeds but they never were as good as Frito-Lay sunflower seeds.



Surprisingly good!


Recently at a supermarket checkout I grabbed a bag of Frito Lay Sunflower Seeds. They were only 99 cents. I quickly found out that I liked these for more than just the cheap price. I had been buying a different brand of sunflower seeds since childhood. I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor. The taste was great. They have a much nuttier flavor than I remember my old favorite having. They are easy to open and they don't have an overpowering salty taste. I did buy the old brand shortly after tasting these and I did notice a big difference in taste. I hate to say this, but I don't think I could ever go back to my old brand. I only wish I could find a much bigger bag like the other company offers. I also cannot find any bags of Frito Lay unshelled sunflower seeds, since I occasionally enjoy those too. It is fair to say that these seeds are my new favorite. I highly recommend these seeds especially to those who have never tried healthy sunflower seeds.

Lynn, MA


There are bigger and better out there.


I recently purchased a 4 and 3 quarter oz. bag of Frito Lay Sunflower seeds.  Although the flavor and the salt and quality of seeds is good, I've seen other brands with bigger seeds in the bag.  I'd rather have the bigger seeds just to make the bite I'm taking more worth it.  I like bigger seeds also cause It's more worth the work you take to get the seed out of the shell. The bag also opened all crooked, and this isn't the first time. Now I have to lay the bag on it's side so that the contents doesn't spill out.  

Pittsburg, KS


Shells splinter in my mouth


Frito Lay sunflower seeds are not very good. Why is this? Why do the shells splinter when I crack them open? Why are the seeds so small? Why is the bag so hard to open and so easy to rip once opened? Who is the product guy for these things!!!! Awful seeds.

Los Angeles, CA


Frito-Lay - Sunflower Seeds

3.8 5