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Dip, Trans-fat free
Frito-Lay - Jalepeno Cheddar Dip

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Cheese dip with a kick.


***Frito Lay*** has a winner with the ***Fritos* Jalapeno Cheddar** dip.  The jalapeno flavor combined with the naturally sharp taste of cheddar cheese gave the dip a nice kick.  It wasn't a burn your tongue, gotta find water, kick.  It was an eyebrow-raising kinda kick that lets you know it's there. I like the ***Tostitos ***brand [*Salsa Con Queso*][1] , too, but one advantage I'll give to the ***Fritos*** **Jalapeno Cheddar** dip is the container size.  The** Jalapeno Cheddar** 9-ounce container is less likely to leave you with leftovers after a party.   On the nutrition side, the **Jalapeno Cheddar **dip has 50 calories, with 30 calories from fat.  That's *10 calories more *from fat and than *Salsa Con Queso* in the same 2 teaspoon serving size.  Understanding that people don't eat chips and dip for the nutritious value, this dip is not for the faint of exercise.  Be prepared to spend that extra 15-20 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical machine working off just the serving size, which hardly anyone limits themselves, too. ***Fritos *Jalapeno Cheddar** dip does announce 0 grams of trans fat (the bad fat), which helps...a little. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Tostitos-Salsa-Con-Queso-review-8fc23

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Frito-Lay - Jalepeno Cheddar Dip

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