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Frigidaire Upright Freezer

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Poor material quality and manufacturing both.


Freezer has very lmited shelf weight capacity. Space is OK if you are freezing just pizza boxes as in ads, but for someone who expects to store frozen meats, prepared food in caseroles, soups, or typically what you use any freezer for wil be very, very disappointed. After transfering less than half our frozen food from our 40 year old upright GE with metal shelves and supprts, we immediately noticed a sizable bend in the shelves. Alarmed we contacted the local dealer who then proceeded to delay answering. After contacting Frigidaire, we basically gotthe proverbial YOU must me doing something wrong. Frigidaire refused to specify how much weight the shelves would hold, only would specify area. The dealer finally offerred to take it back, with a 20% restocking charge, and sell us another, basically same design which we did not trust, plus his prices were really high compared to box stores. We even went to a local magistrate to resolve, but he sided with the dealer since he was in his local area. This was not any surprise, since he who supports the elected judges campaign usuually gets favored with the judges ruling. When we were basically stuck, after 3 months we needed to defrost it, since i was basically 1/2 empty and even though we did not open doors often, the frost was terrible. This was due to not having enough food in it to start. So upon defrosting it, I found a large wet area in our basement. They never attached the drain hose whe it was assembled. Out of total disgust we went out and replaced it and sold the junk we just bought. Beware, shelves have very little support and cound easily bend enough that a shelf full of food could fall out on someone foot and seriously hurt a person. I explained this as well and Frigidaire stone walled it and the local magistrate thought it funny. Never in 45 years of married life bought a Frigidaire product and have learned the hard way to never again buy one. If you want terrible designed product, cheap plastic materials the poorest workmanship, then buy it. OH. Price does not reflect quaility and workmanship either.




Very good but needs a longer cord!!


The freezer itself is very good, but they make the cords much too short now days. We had to have an electrician come in and move the outlet where we wanted to plug in, which was an added expence that we really were not expecting. I think the company should be made aware of this when making their products and add a couple of feet to the cords. Would make things a whole lot simpiler. Other than that, it's a very good freezer and has plenty of room.


Sister Bay, WI


Frigidaire Upright Freezer

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