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Top-Freezer Refrigerators
Frigidaire Top-Freezer Refrigerator

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Frigidaire refrigerator a pain in the neck


On first glance, it wouldn't seem like there was anything out of the ordinary with this fridge model: basica freezer over the refrigerator style, adjustable shelves, produce "crispers" at the bottom, and plenty of storage space in the door. However, it is actually a pretty annoying appliance. The worst thing about this fridge is the door! Every time you go to close it, the seal just won't quite take. The light goes off inside, but in order to really get it closed all the way so its not leaking out cold air and wasting electricity, you have to push it really hard at the handle, and then also at the bottom of the door. So now, I have to be in the habit of closing the door with my hand *and *my knee. Talk about annoying! The fridge is also very loud! And the produce drawers at the bottom are poorly shaped so that they really do not fit a large amount of food in them.


Anchorage, AK


Frigidaire Fridge FRT18S6JS4 does the job


I didn't purchase this Fridge; I purchased a condo which came equipped with it. For the past few years I have had great difficulty with the fridge I had; lots of mysterious moisture that made using the first shelf virtually impossible unless you wanted items flooded with water. I am happy to say that this Frigidaire FRT18S6JS4 model keeps items cold and DRY. The door hold alot of items, which is useful for just reaching in and grabbing something. However, the door wants to swing wide open whenever it gets the chance; whether or not there is much weighing the door down. I don't know if this is something that could be tweaked with tightening a screw, or if it is because of its placement in the kitchen, but it is mildly annoying. While this is a full size Fridge/Freezer, the freezer seems smaller than the one I had in an apt sized Fridge. I live alone and don't do much entertaining, so I don't need a great deal of room in the fridge but do freeze leftovers quite often, so this is a bit of a disappointment. The freezer keeps food at a good cold temp. I not lived here through a summer yet to see how it responds to high outside temperatures- that was a trigger for the other Fridge to start to build up moisture within. I have seen no signs of that thus far. This Fridge does not seem to have any "extras" that make it an excellent purchase, but overall it does what it needs to do, and carries a good Energy Efficiency rating.


Roslindale, MA


Frigidaire Top-Freezer Refrigerator

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