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Frigidaire Slide-In Gas Range

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Terrific Gas Range!


Love, Love, Love this range! The Fridgidaire slide-in gas range is by far one of the nicest and easiest ranges I have ever used to cook on. It heats up in a jiffy and looks terrific in our kitchen. I would highly recommend this range to anyone looking for a nice looking range, but doesn't need commercial. I also like that one of the burners in bigger and can accommodate larger pots, like a gumbo pot for you Southerns out there. Only half way con, is that it an area between the burners and the front panel that tends to collect crumbs, which makes it a challenge to clean. But with the help of a toothpick, all is clean. Ease of Cleaning Where the front panel and burner area meet, it seems to catch and hold crumbs. But with a toothpick or two, all is clean again.



Disappointing... did not measure up to my older cheaper range.


I bought this stove thinking it would be great. It wasn't. I much prefer my older cheaper free standing gas range. My main complaints are: the oven racks cannot be left in while the oven is set to clean or it will melt and discolor them, the stove top grid is not smooth so it is impossible to clean and I've only owned my stove for 6 months and there are already large chunks missing from the finish, most of the pieces on the top of the stove are stationary and cannot be removed to clean so gunk will forever be there, there is space for a 5th burner but they put nothing there, lastly this range comes with too many oven racks to actually use but they are too large to store in the warming drawer so it was very annoying having to find some other place to store them about 99% of the time. For the price this range was just not worth it!

Riverside, CA


Nothing "Professional" here


I've had this gas range for 5 months. Within the first month the front Power burner has managed to melt the plastic control panel. I had it fixed once under the 1 yr warranty. The tech checked to be sure the flame was at the right height..."OK, good to go".... and within 2 weeks it melted it again. Now I'm back on the phone with Electrolux Customer Care, who are wonderful people, trying to come to some sort of agreement. Plastic does NOT belong on anything named Professional. If they're going to put something as powerful as a Power Burner on a stove don't have plastic 3 inches away from the flame. No kidding...3 inches.

Cameron, NC


Frigidaire FGGS3065K Gas Range is OK


This range is easy to use, looks good, and cooks evenly (on the range and in the oven). There are a few negative things about it, though. After a few years of use the oven is starting to not work very well. Sometimes it will wamr up, and sometimes it won't. I don't know what is causing it. We had a technician come out and he said he had fixed it, but it still doesn't work at times. It can be frustrating spending hours trying to get the oven to start, and it's probably wasting gas as well. However, it did give a couple of years of hassle-free use... I just wish it was more durable and long-lasting. Bottom line is I wouldn't recommend it--stoves/ovens should last decades like they used to, unless they have a significantly low price.

Minneapolis, MN


Frigidaire Slide-In Gas Range

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