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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator


FFHS2622M 26 Cu Ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator With PureSource 3 Ready-Select Controls Store-Moretrade Capacity Store-Moretrade Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers Control Lock

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Great Refrigerator for a Family of 5!


This is my favorite refrigerator I've ever owned! I love that I can customize the shelving and that my 4 year old can easily get what he needs off the bottom shelves and drawers. The only problem I've had with it was when our power was out for a couple days and it didn't hold the temperature for very long and we had to relocate most of the food.


Tulsa, OK


Big Family Side by Side Frige


It big enough in the refrigerator but the freezer part is kinda small we've had ours for 1 and a half yrs and already messing up keeps beeping and making loud sounds and ice tray keeps crushing the ice on cube but at first it worked great and the water filter is good too great filtered water and ice alot of room and shelve to organize your groceries.


Perry, FL


Pretty good refrigerator.


Overall I like it. It's not too pricey and it's pretty spacious. You get a lot of room for what you pay for which is always great, I didn't like how small other refrigerators were inside. Noise Level The only time I noticed excessive noise was when the ice maker was going, and would drop chunks of ice into the tray. Normal though and not something to complain about. Temperature Control The settings are really nice, I haven't had to even put it to the coldest setting, everything is perfectly chilled at a medium setting. Durability The ice maker has already stopped working and I recently had to replace the water filter. I'm disappointed that within a few months it stopped making ice. Now I've resorted to buying bags of ice and having it dispense the normal way. The buttons are pretty faded as well. Not the most durable refrigerator I have used. Design There are many different designs to choose from, this one is more simple.




Love this refrigerator


I love this refrigerator it works excellent I've had no problems I like my drinks very cold and this one keeps them very cold and the crisper drawers are huge to hold a lot. The door space is great and the freezer and refrigerator are both well lit and have plenty of room Noise Level Can hardly hear it run Interior Organization You will love the space and how much room it has Temperature Control Its awesome works well Ease of Cleaning Shelves are easy to clean and the crisper drawers come out easily for cleaning Durability Outside is easy to maintain Design I just am so happy with it.




They just don't make things like they used to...


I have to give this side-by-side frigidaire fridge 4 stars because it is so dang cute! AS far as how it has actually functioned in the last nine years of ownership, well. It has worked with little problem at all until about a month ago when it started freezing the water lines and then the water filter feature cracked. Water spilled all over the floor in the middle of the night! It happened twice! I think the handles could have been designed better- they are really hard to clean because of how they are textured (I really can't fathom why they made them like that). The framing around the water dispenser was not sealed. I didn't noticed that of course, until the places where water had been seeping started to rust and the rust is slowly spreading down the front of the machine. I was disappointed by how much filters cost and that they don't remove chlorine. It seems like the meat drawer should be on the bottom for sanitary reasons. That's it. Other than that, nine years of solid everyday use and it has held up fairly well until the last month or so. Why do they make applicances to stop working after 10 years? Noise Level Ocassionally, the ice maker makes a really load clunk sound. Interior Organization just the meat drawer issue- everything else seems great! Temperature Control great until the thermostat went out Ease of Cleaning Super easy to clean! Shelves are designed to catch spills and stop them from cascading down to the next shelf. What a great idea! Durability I assume it is industry standard to design fridges to be replaced after 10 years?


Bandon, OR


Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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