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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Basic Refrigeration"


Fridgidaire model FRS22ZRF, side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, offers you the basic features of a refrig/freezer that you would like. However, don't look for much beyond that in this current time of practical design and tech extras.  This until does have an outside dispenser for ice/water, which is about the biggest "extra" it offers.  There is a reason why there is no photo offered for this model:  it's been around for a while. The benefit to reading the rest of this review is to assist persons shopping for "used" appliances, and to compare what we now know works and what doesn't work.  Plastic door shelves really need to be looked at carefully for how they are constructed and attached to the door itself.  This model's door shelves have come off easily due to broken "clips" holding the shelves in place. While I have been successful in ordering replacement parts to put these shelves back on, it's a hassle. The freezer side is your typical left-door freezer. It has several shelves, door shelves, and a bin at the bottom to hold all sorts of items to freeze. I thought it originally would hold a good deal of food; however, from experience I've learned the design of this freezer needed some real "design thought" for the space use.  Basically, bins would be better to hold things in place and keep them from falling off shelves better than these narrow metal racks. Bins would allow you to pull out a drawer and see what's in there as oppossed to having to take out frozen items in front of others to locate the frozen waffles at the back that now have freezer burn since you didn't know they'd been there for two months. If you are single, don't have much to freeze, and want just a basic hard-working unit this will do.  If you're looking for pracitcailty in design, look at other options.

Redmond, WA


It has been great for me!!


I have owned my Frigidaire Refirgirator for 15 yrs & have had no major problems with it. They had to replace the seal the 1st week of recieving it cause it was not on right, had to replace the bulb other than that IT HAD BEEN A GREAT REFRIGIRATOR, i recommend it to everyone.

Decatur, IN


Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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