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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator

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Great style & price!


We bought this one when our other white Frigidaire went out..needed specific width and length due to being built in and we found it with this one. And on sale, at that!! The shelves are easy to adjust, the controls are easy to understand and function. The white is a true white and blended beautifully with our existing cabinets and white color scheme in the kitchen. I'd highly recommend this fridge to anyone and you really can't beat the price, style and functions at all! I was almost swayed to start going the stainless direction as I know that's 'upgraded' design, but for anyone having an all-white decor in kitchen, I suggest keeping it streamline with this beautiful white fridge!

Charleston, SC


Frigidaire makes the perfect Frige/Freezer!


Digital controls make sense. To control temperature, an older refrigerator just has a dial with an ambiguous numbering system on it, like the numbers 1 - 5. Frustratingly, you aren't really privy to what temperatures these numbers correspond to, you just have to gauge by how frozen the lettuce became overnight, or how quickly your milk seems to spoil. Some models merely have a dial that reads, "cold, colder, coldest." Not very encouraging when you are trying to find that perfect spot between "cold" and "colder" for weeks on end, and all you want is for your refrigerator to be about 40 degrees inside. If you have experienced this, you will appreciate how Frigidaire simplifies matters by allowing you to set a specific temperature on a digital control. The FSC23R5DS displays the current temperature on the easy-view door panel, and allows you to adjust coolness as needed. And, the digital controls serve another useful purpose, too: instead you relying on strange noises or a major malfunction, there are indicator codes and sounds on the FSC23R5DS that will notify you of any potential imbalances, so you can prevent larger problems. A door-ajar alarm lets you know when the door is left cracked open, and other alerts tell you if the temperature is changing for other reasons. Error codes let you know if you should call for servicing , and the digital control is used to diagnose issues quickly: Earlier knowledge and faster diagnosis usually translates into less money spent on maintenance through the years, which makes the FSC23R5DS a good investment for daily living and long-term needs. Noise Level Quite as a mouse Interior Organization Spacious layout Temperature Control You can adjust the temp easily Ease of Cleaning Easy to wipe down and clean Durability Sturdy and well built Design Love the design. Especially the digital controls

Fort Wayne, IN


Frigidaire Side by Side FSC23R5DSB works like a fridge should!


We have had are Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator FSC23R5DSB for about a year now and have had not one problem with it so far, I used to work in a business that sold such appliances so I know that many companies and brand don't make quality products, Lucky for me I had this experience to go on when we decided on buying this fridge. I love the all the space that it provides and that the compartments on both the fridge and the freezer door sections can be moved. The only thing i don't like is the water presser form the door water dispenser, but that could have something to do with the water presser of my house and doesn't necessarily reflect the fridge. Overall I would defiantly repurchase this item.

North Wilkesboro, NC


It is a good value and very durable.


This refrigerator does the job. It keeps things cold. It make a little noise at times.It stores a lot of food and drinks. The price was right and I got a new filter so I can get fresh and pure water.I hAd some trouble with the water and ice maker leaking and not working.

Flushing, NY


Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator

5.0 4