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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Frigidaire Professional Series Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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NOT recommended!


This refrigerator fits well with my decor (in the white version), and was the right size, and has many features I feel are important (ice/water in the door most important). The problem is that we have had the refrigerator for less than a year, and have already had issues with the ice maker going out. It was still under warranty, so other than an inconvenience, it did not cost anything to have someone come out and replace the motor, or whatever was broken. I am concerned, however, that this could be an issue throughout the life of the appliance. I have also noticed that in certain situations (having to do with positioning/arranging items), the air temps fluctuate widely, and some things have frozen on the top refrigerator (not freezer) shelf, when operating even lower than the 'average' settings. We have learned to work around it, but I think it is a flaw in the way it is made. If I had it to do over again, I would choose another model by a different manufacturer. Frigidaire (in my opinion) is not even close to the quality it used to be. I would absolutely NOT recommend this item! Noise Level Not the best, but I have had much worse... Interior Organization I like the way it is laid out inside, but we have to accommodate the temp fluctuations, so are unable to take advantage of some of the space. Temperature Control Some foods will freeze on the top shelf of the refrigerator side, even when set below the recommended temperature. We have to be careful what we put there. The silver lining (I suppose) is that Milk stays good for a loooong time on the top shelf. Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean, inside and out. Durability I am concerned that, because of the ice maker having issues less than one year into ownership, we will have more issues down the road. I am unimpressed with Frigidaire quality at this point. Design Very nice for a side-by-side, at least for our use. There is, of course, the issue of frozen pizzas...I can get a couple of them in if I jockey them around a bit, but generally it is tough to find a good place for them without having to move everything to accommodate the pizzas.


Ft Mitchell, KY


Do not purchase Frigidaire stailess steel refrigerators


I purchased a new in the box Frigidaire side by side stainless steel refrigerator from a reputable retail company. Before the item was 4 weeks old the stainless steel door was showing extensive rust marks in several places. Frigidaire response " we do not cover rust in our guarantee" The fact it was only 4 week old was irrelevant as far as Frigidaaire is concerned. Buy alternative brands


Columbus, OH


Fridgedaire Side by Side


I have had a Frigidaire Electrolux Professional Series refrigerator for over 7 years. It was not by choice, but what the builder had chosen to install in the house we purchased. I have had many brands before and although this is a nice refrigerator, it has not been my favorite. On the plus side, it is very attractive and I like the stainless steel (now that I found a stainless steel cleaner) and keeps everything nice and cold. I don't have any problems with the freezer side or the water and ice dispensers. However, the inside of the refrigerator feels small and when I store bread for too long, it hardens the sides of the loaf. I have turned the "cold" down as far as I can while still having cold milk to see if that would help but it has not. This may be an individual problem and I would not want it to influence someone not to buy the refrigerator. Again, it is still a nice unit.


Appleton, WI


Great frigidaire side by side


I have enjoyed owning this refrigerator for several years now and have had no maintenance issues or complaints with it. It is very nice looking, and more importantly very easy to clean. It does not show fingerprints or anything on the outside of the doors (important for those of us with kids!!) I have not had any problem being able to fit anything inside and the adjustable portions make it very easy to change things around if you have odd sized groceries. I like the drawers in the freezer. But probably my favorite thing about this refrigerator is how quiet it is all the time. I never hear it cycling like you do some fridges and the ice maker does not make much noise at all compared to others i have owned. The ice dispenser is a little tricky if you like to go back and forth from crushed to cubed ice, but that is not an issue here.


Sneads Ferry, NC


Frigidaire Professional Series Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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