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Frigidaire Pint Dehumidifier

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This is a great product for a small area.


This is a quiet, efficient dehumidifier. It does kick off a bit of heat but not as much as my old dehumidifier from the Cold War era. I run it on the continuous setting when I am at home, and turn it off when I leave. I would purchase it again without question.



We just bought our dehumidfier - so far so good!


We live in our RV full time and all of the sudden we realized our walls were "sweating".  We really didn't know what to do so off to the internet we went.  After we found out what a dehumidifer would do we researched all the different types and sizes.  While this one is not large to some people, we live in a 37ft. motorhome and this is plenty big for us.  Kind of noisy but if you turn it down during the tv time in the evening and then up again at bedtime it works out just fine.  This one will turn off when the cup is full.  We found that to be one of our deciding factors.  It also has small wheels on the bottom which makes it easy to move when we vacuum.  We have only had our unit for a week but it has made a huge difference.  We are very pleased. 

Carmichael, CA


It worked!


I have owned this Frigidaire dehumidifier for about a year before I switched to a bigger dehumidifier. We needed it for our raise basement. Our house was up on a hill but the basement was very humid, especially in summers. The Frigidaire dehumidifier did a good job in collecting water. We usually left it on when we went out and it had no problem working all day non stop. Although there's no way to have a completely dry basement, we did see some improvement after using this dehumidifier. Our basement no longer smelled like mold and we no longer need to open our garage door often. The biggest negative of this machine was that it was very very loud! We had to close our basement door that leads to the living quarter on the upper floor when the unit was on because we couldn't bear the noise. We didn't bother to return it because we bought the unit online and it cost shipping to return the product. Since it did its job, we kept it. However, I wouldn't recommend it to someone with a small house because the noise that it made could be quite annoying. 

Endwell, NY


Works great for a damp basement


Our basement has been a little damp and the husband decided it was time to add a dehumidifier to prevent any fungal growth down there.  We found this model at a discount store and thought we'd give it a try.  So far it has run great and does the job without making an obnoxious amount of noise or drawing a lot of power- at least we can't tell a huge difference in our power bill when it's running and when it's not.  I love the settings and how you can choose how dry you want the air and set it and forget it.  My husband drained it into a drain through the basement floor instead of using the in-unit catcher so he never has to empty it and it works perfectly.  The size of the unit is great and it actually has enough capacity to keep our 1750 square foot basement reasonably dry even in the most humid summer.  We set this late in the spring and leave it running all summer and it does a great job- would definitely recommend. 

Yadkinville, NC


Frigidaire Pint Dehumidifier

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