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Gas Dryers
AGQ8000FS , AGQ8000FG, AGQ8000FE
Frigidaire Gas Dryer AGQ8000FS / AGQ8000FG / AGQ8000FE

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I love my Frigidaire dryer :)


I bought this dryer along with the matching washer almost a year ago, and I couldn't be more pleased. They were on sale together for an excellent deal that I just couldn't pass up, and since we were in the market for a new washer and dryer, this was it! The set that we purchased was red, a nice bold color. I chose the red because it was stylish and different from the boring and plain white washers and dryers. Not to mention, at the time, there wasn't any extra charge for the colored sets. The dryer is equipped with a variety of different settings that make it very easy to operate. You can change the settings based on the type of clothing you are laundering, as well as the amount of time and heat you'd like to use. There's plenty of room in the dryer, so it's great for drying big blankets. Also, the door is reversible, which is good because for some goofy reason, whoever installed the gasline in our house put it so that the dryer had to be on the left side of the washer instead of on the right!

Youngstown, OH


Frigidaire Gas Dryer AGQ8000FS / AGQ8000FG / AGQ8000FE

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