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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Frigidaire Gallery Side-by-Side Refrigerator


Frigidaire is the brand you have come to know and trust And for good reason Year after year Frigidaire has been the most reliable brand among leading appliance brands with the lowest number of service calls With Frigidaire you can be sure yoursquoll

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Frigidaire Offers Sleek Design at Affordable Price


We bought this refridgerator as part of a Fridgidaire set for our newly remodeled kitchen. At the time, we choose Fridgidaire because it had the stainless steel brushed finish which is less likely to scratch and less likely to show fingerprints, etc. Fridgidaire is also a more affordable brand. We were pleased with our purchase. We're a family of four and were able to fit all we needed in the deep veggie and fruit baksets and on the adjustable shelves. The inside door is also full of adjustable basket shelves which are handy for condiments, sauces, dressings, and more. We enjoyed the water/ice maker and never have any trouble with either. Plus, we are able to lock both, which means we can keep our girls from spilling ice/water all over the place. Plus, there is a filter to help ensure pure water quality which we were able to hook up to our RO system as well. Overall, we think this fridge was a good purchase. Noise Level Once an awhile we hear the ice maker clunking to catch up after we've entertained, but otherwise, it's quiet. Interior Organization We appreciate the adjustable shelving. Sometimes, I wish I had just a bit more space. I think with the side by side we sacrifice a little refridgeration space. Ease of Cleaning Everything can be easily removed and washed in hot soapy water, dried, and reinstalled. Durability One of our shelves broke within the first year, but we do have young children and sometimes weight of items is not distribruted evenly. Design The refridgerator looks fantastic and is easy to keep clean. I wiped mine down with a water and a Norwex window cloth (takes less than a minute) almost every night to keep it looking spotless.

Hills, MN


Frigidaire Gallery Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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