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Frigidaire Gallery Series Electric Dryer

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Great Dryer


We have this dryer to go along with our gallery series washing machine. It is a great dryer. Sometimes I think it takes a little long for clothes to dry. I've had a little trouble getting things to be just right. It seems like it is either too hot or not hot enough. Other than that, things seem great. It is really durable. Seems to collect lint well...sometimes I use a screw driver to remove the lint grate and clean out the lint build up inside of the dryer. It can easily hold a large load, which I appreciate. It's pretty simple and easy to use. Nothing too fancy but does the job. We have our washing machine and dryer stacked and it is a great space saver!


Pleasant Grove, UT


Frigidaire Electric Dryer is beautiful, but some kinks


We purchased both the Frigidaire washer and electric dryer in black. We have received many compliments on the set, both the washer and dryer look great. I wish I had purchased the stands for under both, though, as they would have been great for storage and also make them at a more comfortable level. They are both very easy to use, though you have to turn the nobs back and forth just to turn it on and adjust any of the temperature settings, etc. There are a lot of options on the washer and dryer, most of which I do not know how to use and therefore do not make much use of :-) I have had to call in service for the dryer, as the seals and screws around the door and lint screen have had some issues. Also, the door latch piece of metal that connects with the inlet for the light and the door seal falls off and I have to resecure myself quite often. We've also had some trouble with items getting stuck in the edge of the drum, by the door, which has caused tears and holes in some items. I love the front-loading washer, as it is very water efficient and washes quickly. The dryer dries everything quickly, though the sensor does not always turn off the dryer as early as it should. I find things are more dry than they should be. Durability Have had to call it in for service twice in 3 years.


Attleboro, MA


Takes a while to dry


This is a good dryer. It has timed dry or automatic dry function. Loud buzzer tells you when your clothes are done. Lint tray is easy to get to and clean. Nice inside light so you can see. The only problem I have had out of mine is that you can only dry small loads. If you try to dry a load of clothes it takes too long than other dryers. Plus, clothes sometimes get hung up in the side of the dryer, which is not good.  So I would say that it gets the job done, but not to my best satisfaction.


Mount Vernon, IL


The Frigidair Dyer electric dryer is very good on electricity!


 I found the **Frigidaire Dyer - Electric Dryer **the perfect solution to my drying needs. Not only does it cut the drying time in half, but it also reduced my electricity consumption. I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it. I am not an expert, but I know what I like. My old dryer ran my electric bill up so high that I finally switched over to the clothes line. Lucky for me, my old 16 yr. old dryer finally bit the dust and I was able to get another dryer. I noticed how much lower my electric bill was while using the Frigidaire Dryer. Never expected that! It was a wonderful surprise. Now I don't hesitate to use it instead of dragging wet clothes out to the line. I have health issues and this was becoming a big strain. The New **Frigidaire Dyer - Electric Dryer** not only made a huge difference in my drying problems, but I've never been so happy to have one that cuts my electric consumption.


Dothan, AL


Excellent dryer worth every penny


I bought this dryer almost 4 years ago and its still going strong. It has alot of different settings for what ever your drying needs shall be. It even has a reversable door that way you can change it according to the way your laundry room is set up. It runs quietly and is very classy looking. I get compliments all the time on how fancy it looks. The black color is nice but can get dusty from the lint. I also purchased the pedestal for it so i can store my detergent and bleach and such inside


Florence, SC


Fantastic Frigidaire Dryer


My Frigidaire dryer model LEQ2151EE1 is the first commercial grade electric dryer that I have ever purchased. It was worth every bit of money that I paid for it. It dryes my clothes in the miminal amount of time. Much better than my older dryer. In the older dryer it could take over an hour to dry as few as 6 pairs of jeans. With my new Frigidaire dryer it will dry as many as 10 pairs of jeans in about 45 minutes. There are a wide variety of setting on my Frigidaire dryer, you can dry the most delicate items to the most bulky. I have dryed my quilt in my new dryer. Before with my old dryer this would have been impossible. I would have had to go to the local laundromat to wash and dry my quilts. I am able to dry sweaters in my dryer with a rack that I have to mount in the dryer. The lint filter is easily accessible and easy to remove and clean. My dryer is very quite when it is running and has an alarm when the load has finished drying.


Boonville, NC


Love this dryer!


The size of this dryer is deceiving.  I was able to fit a king sized comforter easily!  I love the fact that it is a front loader and the lint trap is very easy to maintain.  Our electirc bill has been down since we purchased this dryer also.  It has so many settings you almost have to read the manual to understand all of them and I love how quiet it is!


Port Saint Lucie, FL


The perfect compliment to the Award Winning Frigidaire Washer!


I bought the **Frigidaire Gallery Series Dryer** at the same time I bought my Frigidaire Gallery Series Washing Machine. The dryer is the perfect compliment to the washer as it has the same elegant, sleek black look with silver trim. Sitting side by side they are the ultimate marriage for the laundry room. Just look at these features: This Frigidaire Gallery super capacity dryer protects clothing from shrinkage with the auto **Shrink Guard option**. Shrink Guard overrides the preset temperature to prevent over-drying. The **Precision DryTM Moisture Sensor** detects how much moisture remains in the fabric and shuts off the dryer when garments have dried to the cycle setting. The** Balanced Drying System** circulates the air evenly, efficiently saving money. The **Dryer Drum Light **lets you see when doing late night laundry. The **Press Saver Extended Tumble option** gives additional tumbling at the end of the cycle to prevent wrinkles in case you can't get right to the dryer when cycle completes. The **End-of-Cycle Chime **is loud enough that I can hear it upstairs yet isn't obnoxious sounding. The five standard** Temperature Settings** of Casual, Damp Dry, Delicate, Normal and Permanent Press are adequate choices for about every fabric need. There is also a Timed Dry feature of up to 90 minutes. In addition to the standard cycles you can customize your cycle with memory recall for large items, air dry, express dry, towels and sensor dry. You can get an optional 15 inch drawer pedestal as well as an optional Stacking Kit but I did not get them. I am not interested in stacking the machines and I feel the pedestal is too expensive for what it is. The dryer came with an advertisement for a FREE accessory rack that you simply put int the dryer to dry delicates on. I ordered it but haven't used it yet. You had to pay postage for the free item which seems like they should have included it to start with. One great additional feature of the dryer is that it has a reversible side-swing door so you can change the direction of opening depending on your needs. I have been quite satisfied with the dryer. It is quiet, dries well and has enough options to suit my needs. You can see my review of the washer at: [Frigidaire Washer-Mfr-model-GLTF2940FE][1] [1]:


Northern, FL


Frigidaire Gallery Series Electric Dryer

4.4 8