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Frigidaire Gallery GLET1041A Top Load Stacked Washer / Dryer

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Frigidaire should stick to refrigerators.


My wife and i bought a Frigidaire washer and dryer about 6 months ago it worked fine until about a week ago. The dryer just started making noise banging around then just quit. I looked into the dryer and all the screws had fell out of the dryer tub and the tub fell down. My wife called the service center to get the dryer fixed. The lady was real nice taking our info to see how long it would take to get someone to fix our dryer. We came to find out there is no Frigidaire repair man in our area and she said that a repair man would call us with in 48 hours. Its been a week we didn't get a call yet to get our new dryer fixed. I think Frigidaire should stick to making freezers



Great for small spaces


This washer and dryer is in the apartment I am renting and it definitely gets the job done. It cleans well, but the dryer takes a really long time to dry. There are only 2 settings on the dryer, low or high. I absolutely hate this. There are things that i wish I could dry on medium but don't have the option. The automated drying function does not work at all. We use that the first load and it was only for a good hour and the clothes were still really went. I find that most things need to dry for at least 80-90 minutes in order to be completely dry. The lint trap also is not very effective. There are often huge chunks of lint that come out on my clothes. It needs regular vacuuming especially if you have animals. Even with all of this, it still beats going to the laundry mat, so I'm happy. It is very quiet, but I wish you could turn the buzzer off. I like to turn on the dryer as I'm going to bed, because it is very quiet but then the buzzer goes off and I often wake up. If you don't mind limited functionality, then this is a great system.

Chicago, IL


Surprisingly quiet and roomy!


This unit is in the apartment that we are renting. I have had stacked machines before and was never impressed, but this one is outstanding. It is very quiet and can fit a surprising amount of laundry in each load.

Bellingham, WA


Frigidaire Gallery GLET1041A Top Load Stacked Washer / Dryer

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