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Frigidaire Gallery 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher FGHD2465NF

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Love this dishwasher!


Our last dishwasher cost a fortune and died after 1 year so we were very particular in the model we were choosing for this purchase. We did our research and shopped around. We are so pleased with this model! It cleans better than any dishwasher we have owned in the past. Priced reasonably. It is slick and easy to use. It is a bit noisier than I would have expected for the advertised noise level. That being said, i wouldn't call it noisy, just a tad noisier than I would have expected. Love the design - looks great in our kitchen. Overall it is a great machine! Very happy with it. Would certainly recommend the service we received from our local Frigidaire dealer. They were wonderful! Noise Level A little noisier than I would have thought but wouldn't call it noisy by any means. Cleaning Time Finishes the job in a reasonable amount of time. Loading Flexibility Flexible in that there are rungs that can be flipped back and forth to fit different sized cups and dishes. Performance No issues at all. Works great! Design Beautiful and sleek. Durability So far so good. Impressed with the durability.




Crisp Design, Quiet Operation


We needed a model that fit a certain size and this model fit the size requirement. With it's fingerprint free design and sleek look, it's a winner in our kitchen. Noise Level It's about as quiet as our old design, not terrifically noisy, but you can tell that it's on. Cleaning Time It's on a 99 minute cycle for power washing the dishes. Loading Flexibility The racks move some so that you can flex your dishwasher to accommodate different loads. Performance It seems to wash well, occasionally some of the dishes (like bowls) are a little wet when they come out, but overall I am pleased with the unit. Design I love the design...I am a self admitted freak about sleek clean looks, and this fits the bill perfectly! Durability Since we just got it a couple of weeks ago, I can't honestly judge how durable it is. I am hoping that it lasts for a very long time!


Rush, NY


Love this dishwasher.


I have been without a dishwasher for awhile so when we finally got one I wanted it to be the best. We bought all the gallery appliances and I love them. I love the sleek design. They are easy to clean and durable. I have two young kids and the steel design gets dirty easy. I put this appliance in my basement kitchen that is pretty small.


Provo, UT


Smaller than it looks!


The dishwasher is fine, it cleans dishes as it should. The only thing we noticed was that we need to run it more often than we ever ran our old dishwasher. Make sure you look at the dishwasher's capacity before you buy. We were surprised that we (a family of 4) need to run it multiple times (sometimes 4 times) in a day as if fills up so fast!


Old Bridge, NJ


Frigidaire Gallery 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher FGHD2465NF

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