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Frigidaire GLWS1233A Top Load Washer

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Very Basic


If your seeking a basic washer for a fair price you just found it. It does the job pretty well and havent had any issues. I feel the wash cycle is slightly longer than I prefer but overall its a pretty good washer.



A very mediocre washer!


We currently use this Frigidaire washer - it was left behind when we purchased our new home. I am already saving up for a new washer! Needless to say, it gets the job done, but I have never been very pleased with the washer. The cleaning time is OK - sometimes it seems to go on forever! I have had a lot of laundry ruined, but who knows if the washer is to blame. I usually clean out pockets, zip up zippers, etc, but I still have laundry coming out with holes in it? So, I'm not exactly sure how "gentle" this washer is when it washes clothes. I also tend to get a lot of spots left on my laundry, but that could be because of our water, who knows! The washer is fairly durable. It's very simple, not a whole lot of options, but sometimes simple is good! It is somewhat difficult to clean - probably due to the design of the washer? There are many nooks and crannies that tend to get dirty pretty quickly! The size of the washer is OK. I tend to do a LOT of laundry, so I wish it were a little bigger, but overall I can't complain. I can't usually wash bedding (except for sheets) because it's not a very good size to do so. Overall, I'm looking forward to moving on to a new washer.

Reading, PA


Frigidaire GLWS1233A Top Load Washer

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